Social Advertising

Leverage our HI-RES intelligence to drive likes, shares and other engagement.

The Facebook and Instagram ecosystems have historically been off-limits to proprietary audience data. Now you can put the unique power of our audience intelligence to work across the largest social media networks in the world.

Our social advertising solutions leverage our unique intelligence — based on thousands of attributes that explain why people make the decisions they make — to extend your target audiences into the massive Facebook and Instagram walled gardens.

Why Use Social Advertising?

You can use our social advertising solutions to retarget high performing Resonate values, motivations and attributes in the Facebook Direct and Instagram Newsfeed ecosystems.

Typical Use Cases:

Drive Traffic, Likes and Shares
Reach Millenials Across Devices
Leverage Social Media in Display
Add Scale to Your Campaigns

How does Social Advertising work?

Step 1

We run a portion of your display budget against a high performance Resonate audience to build awareness.

Step 2

Our awareness program delivers Facebook code that replicates the Resonate audience in Facebook Direct.

Step 3

This process effectively mirrors your Resonate audience in Facebook making it available for Facebook and Instagram Newsfeeds.

Have Questions?

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