Audience Onboarding

Audience Onboarding

Bring your CRM file, email list or voter file into our platform to understand how you can more effectively engage your target audience.

Only we can combine your first party data with the emotional and psychographic context to understand who your audiences are and what they value most.

With Audience Onboarding, you can apply our unique understanding of people’s motivations and values to understand their observed behaviors so that you can better message, engage and retain them.


Audience Onboarding allows you to:

  • Understand who your audiences are and the message themes that they are most likely to respond to
  • Combine customer attributes from your CRM system with our motivations and values attributes, enabling richer segmentation based on behaviors as well as psychographics
  • Target audiences online using the enhanced customer segment definitions built in our platform

Why use Audience Onboarding?


We don’t limit you to a static audience profile – you can drill and pivot within your enhanced first party data to find all kinds of new opportunities to reach your audiences more effectively.


We can work to correct data skews in your customer, voter or advocate file to mitigate issues that arise during the process of matching offline records to online cookies.


Audience Onboarding combines your first party data with thousands of behavioral and attitudinal attributes for unparalleled understanding of your audience.


We allow you to create and reach your enhanced audience segments online from the same platform.


How does Audience Onboarding work?

Step 1

You prepare your customer, voter or e-mail file, including any attributes you want to import into our platform (if applicable).
You upload the file to a secure FTP location provided by us.

Step 2

Our match partner picks up the file and proceeds to match the list members to Resonate Cookie IDs.

Step 3

Resonate enables deeper segmentation and analysis in it’s platform
We receive a file from the match partner that is scrubbed of personally identifiable information (PII) and contains a Resonate Cookie ID and any other customer attributes from the original file.
Resonate delivers audiences to ad serving/ESP destinations
We can now deliver online ads to any of the segments in the file and/or make the data available for analysis in our analytics platform.

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