As Always On Network announces its 2013 Digital Media Power Players list, we’re pleased to see Ted Leonsis & Steve Case from Revolution Growth, and Alan Patricof & Ian Sigalow from Greycroft Partners recognized on this list. It’s great to see the industry recognizing some of the partners who have helped Resonate evolve from a concept to a thriving start-up.

We’ve spent 5 years putting the infrastructure in place to fundamentally disrupt how brand and political advertisers think about defining the online audiences with whom they’d like to connect.  By giving them a totally new way to think about audience definition – through the lens of the values, beliefs, and consumer attitudes, advertisers no longer need to rely solely on tired old demographics and purchase intent data.

Our values targeting business, and the audience insights we can share with advertising clients, are unlike anything else in the digital media landscape today.

The journey to this point in Resonate’s evolution has also shown us there is an incredible appetite from brand marketers for tools to help them more intelligently learn about the consumers they should be focused on – easier discovery of the audiences that they should focus on in defining their product strategies.

It just so happens that the platform which powers our advertising business can solve these marketer challenges as well. Resonate’s ‘big data’ infrastructure that combines large scale proprietary research,  pre-integrated data sets that are constantly updated, rich audience insights visualizations that tease out unforeseen connections, and the connective tissue to take action directly against these learnings is the perfect storm of features to give marketers what they long for.

Anytime you’re attempting to disrupt one market, let alone two related ones, there is a fortitude required from your investors to believe in your vision, and not revert to the mean of me-too companies in the sector. It takes time to evangelize new ways of doing business in the market, building momentum, and ultimately developing a solid base of revenue.

We could not be more pleased to have Revolution and Greycroft advising us every step of the way as we do our best to execute against our shared vision of a much smarter, and much richer advertising and marketing landscape for brand, political, and advocacy clients