In addition to headliners like Reddit’s Alexis Ohanian and Twitter’s Brent Herd, the best and the brightest from all edges of the technosphere gathered at last week’s Internet Summit in Raleigh, North Carolina to discuss the latest in industry hot topics, from big data and analytics to content marketing and social media.


Whether you are a company reigning supreme in the online community or one that is just beginning its cyber journey, there is no doubt the tech industry is constantly changing, reinventing itself, and thrusting warp speed ahead into the future.  Thus, we reflect on some key insights that not only resonate with us, but also endorse what we here at Resonate are all about:

  • Though the masses view it with a storage-server mentality, big data can actually be quite meaningful and valuable. In actuality, it is not the data itself that we must concern ourselves with, but rather what it is that we can do with the data. We must shy away from descriptive approaches to data insights and move towards more actionable predictive models. Basically, data can be scaled to make better overall decisions, whether by marketers or by consumers.  “Big data is great, but what we do with the data is far more important,” said Gary Vaynerchuk, founder of VaynerMedia. “Big data lives at the cross section of Analytics Way and Human Touch Place.”
  • Tech jargon is tossed around like commonplace vocabulary, but people must remember that underneath successful messaging exists an actual human component. It is crucial to engage audiences with witty, non-robotic storytelling that targets not only who people are, but also what they value and what motivates them. “Get consumers’ attention by providing value,” added Vaynerchuk.
  • Questioning unsuccessful, outdated strategy aimed only at company and campaign longevity and quality should not be feared. Rather, emphasis and energy must be placed on relevant and innovative tactics to harness forward-moving trajectories. “Be innovative,” asserted Alexandra Rosen, Cisco’s Global Marketing and Corporate Communications Manager. “Focus less on being an ad and more on being a value-add.”
  • Users have grown so accustomed to ignoring ads that it has left marketers at a standstill as to how to re-envision the advertising wheel. “We live in an attention economy,” stated Rebecca Lieb, Digital Media and Marketing Analyst at Altimeter Group.  Gone are the days of the elevator pitch, a method which by today’s standards appears quite lengthy. The fleeting seconds a user spends with an online ad are now highly coveted currency. So, make it count! Add value.