Video Advertising

Reach your audience at an emotional level through sights, sound and motion.

We partner with leading programmatic video inventory aggregators to give you immediate access to scalable, premium and brand safe inventory across mobile and desktop. Our intelligence helps you connect with the audiences who care the most about your messages.


Pre-roll video advertisement on a tablet

Video advertising allows you to:

  • Deliver your ads using a unique combination of our proprietary data and cross-screen delivery
  • Reach, influence and activate your custom audience at every step of their online journey
  • Increase awareness and engagement by creating messages for all audiences regardless of the point of consumption

What are my video advertising options?

Skippable & Non-Skippable

Access to both skippable and non-skippable inventory.

Brand Safe

Access to 100% Brand Safe and highly viewable inventory.

Long Form & Custom Units

Access to long form video and custom units such as click-to-extend, overlays, and branded slates.

Premium Inventory

Access to premium inventory across desktop, tablet, and mobile.

Premium inventory gives you all the options you want.

Almost 200 million people watch online video. Resonate knows them and can connect brand, political, and advocacy advertisers with them in the appropriate environment.

Resonate has seats in multiple DSPs, and can access inventory from all major publishers and exchanges, so we can deliver your video ads in premium quality video inventory, across multiple channels.

Our video completion rates are 5% higher than the industry average.

How does Video Advertising work?

Step 1

Our account executives work with you to identify your goals and key business outcomes that can be achieved using brand safe display advertising targeted to your audiences.

Step 2

We continually optimize to your KPIs by leveraging our proprietary data and intelligence to define new, highly scalable target audiences from your campaign.

Step 3

We can also create rich Custom Audiences you can use to target more effectively in your Demand Side Platform (DSP).

Have Questions?

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