Genitalia controversy aside, the Airbnb makeover spotlights the importance of connecting a brand’s distinct attributes to the motivations of individual consumers. “That is the idea at the core of our company: belonging” posted Airbnb’s cofounder Brian Chesky, citing the consumer motivation around which the company will center its brand.

For marketers and agencies that have neither the luxury of the year of research that Airbnb conducted with help from DesignStudio, nor a budget supported by $826M in venture backing, the Resonate platform delivers the same insights in minutes rather than months.

In just a few clicks, we can see that over 56 million people, or 31% of the online adult population in the US, either place an importance on or make decisions based on a sense of belonging. Is this a large enough market for Airbnb to focus on?


While 31% of the entire online adult population actually values belonging, other high indexing attributes are important to understand when developing supporting messaging points and creative. Ranking just under belonging, this audience also values close family/friends, sharing experiences, and self-esteem. Also, 57% of them are female, 24% earn an income between $50-75K, and 78% have at least some college education.

But what about potential partners (or competitors) that have customers with similar motivations? EBay CEO John Donahoe may have spotted a great branding fit when he mused about acquiring Airbnb last summer. Relative to a peer group of general online retailers, Resonate’s data shows that Ebay customers are 26% more likely to value belonging.


If your brand is trying to quantitatively understand the audience for specific brand attributes, just reach us here.  We would be happy to take the few minutes to show you.