As the US celebrates the 4th of July tomorrow amidst family, friends, and BBQ, the Resonate team picked our 3 favorite websites that showcase “America: The Brand” – in a couple of cases figuratively, in one literally. And for good measure, we’re throwing in a list of the most patriotic media – from movies to comics – for your viewing pleasure before the fireworks kick off.

Branding the US Presidents: if each US President had a brand, this is what it would look like.

Destination America: a visual smorgasbord of America – ranging from patriotic unicorns to BBQ memes.

Burger Business : Americans take their burgers seriously. According to PBS, we eat on average 3 burgers a week – that’s 50 billion per year nationwide. With such a large market, there is much to feature on this website: “news, data, opinions and insights about burgers, restaurants that serve burgers and the people who own and work in those restaurants.”

Top Patriotic Movies/Media – a media exploration of the American identity in its diverse forms.

Happy Independence Day!

-The Resonate Team