A Marketer…Who Is a Mom

By Kellye Wishard, Marketing Director

As a marketer, working for Resonate is something of a dream come true. I have access to incredible insights about people that takes personalized experiences to a whole new level. (And you, too, could have access to these insights with Resonate Analytics. Sorry, shameless plug.  I had to!)

But it’s also a bit of a nightmare because I know how brands could – and should – be marketing to me, a mom of two. Take Mother’s Day, for example. Every May, we see the same ol’ ads.  “Show your mom you care with … flowers, jewelry, cards, candy, etc.” Pass!

I have a great set of friends who are also moms. And we joke about what we really want for Mother’s Day. Interestingly, aside from some peace and quiet, we all want something different. And it’s not because we fall under certain labels like Tiger Mom, Laid-back Mom, Natural Mom, Working Mom, Stay-at-Home Mom, etc.  The truth is, we overlap on all of these categories. Yet traditional marketing dictates that we must only be one of these moms to achieve scale.  It’s just not true.

My digital footprint – and those of my mom friends – is extensive. Amazon could know me better (but they don’t because they don’t survey like Resonate does). So marketers, make good use of that data. Help my husband see that what I really want is something sentimental from my girls. Nothing makes me happier than feeling close to my family and friends. Send him ads promoting construction paper, finger paints, and frames.  Make it a kit or a bundle – because I want a tree with their little handprints as the trunk and their fingerprints as the leaves!

What so many forget is that we’re people first, moms second.  And that’s true for nearly every generic segment out there. Take the learnings about what people care about and apply them to your products and services.

We’re marketers.  We know better, so let’s do better.

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