Featured in Global Fintech Series: A Marketing Guide to Personal Loan Seekers in the Pandemic

Resonate’s Shiva Sharif recently wrote in Global Fintech Series about the effect of the pandemic on Americans’ personal finances and how that has impacted those looking for personal loans. She writes that now, more than ever, it’s critical to not only know the financial needs of your customers and prospects, but to know the holistic behaviors and motivations that are driving them — as well as the anxieties that are keeping them awake.

In the article, she takes a closer look at those who , according to Resonate’s COVID-19 National Consumer Study, have indicated that their likelihood of taking out a personal loan has increased since the start of the coronavirus pandemic.

When it comes to their personal values, these personal loan seekers over-index for the freedom to determine their own actions, avoiding upsetting or harming people, and obeying laws and fulfilling obligations. Since this is a group that values their independence and fulfilling their obligations, it’s likely hard for them to come to terms with the fact that they need financial assistance. Connecting with this group will require some compassion and empathy in your messaging toward them.

These are deep, granular insights that are crucial in connecting with your consumers, making them feel confident in your services, and building a lasting relationship.

You can ready the entire article, A Marketing Guide to Personal Loan Seekers in the Pandemic, here.

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