Actionable Measurement: Surveying Now Resonates With Google Too

By Chris Cox, Director of Client Strategy & Insight

Google recently made headlines in the advertising world by announcing a partnership with comScore. This union will bring comScore’s VCE measurement suite to Google’s digital media products. According to Neal Mohan, VP of Google’s Display Advertising, the merger will deliver a “transparent currency for both marketers and publishers to buy, sell, and measure ad space across sites, formats, and screens.” Moreover, Google also announced a new brand lift product, powered by Google Consumer Surveys, signaling that digital measurement is evolving beyond the ubiquitous click.

These are important announcements by the largest players in the business. The takeaway: as more and more advertising dollars shift to digital, brands and their agencies are demanding better measurement for their advertising investment.

However, measuring ad effectiveness by conducting surveys is not new. In fact, we here at Resonate have been doing just that on our digital campaigns since the company’s launch in 2008. For agencies and brands, we measure and improve the effectiveness of online advertising by analyzing campaign performance and message relevance. And now we have taken it even further, delivering a complete picture of exactly WHO is driving campaign engagement.

But measurement must also be actionable and provide insights to improve campaign effectiveness. And this should happen in real time, not after-the-fact. When thinking about the right form of measurement and to ensure the maximum return on investment, confirm that your strategy answers the following questions before you start:

  1. Did my ad reach the right audience?
  2. How did the ad change their perception?
  3. What intended actions were taken as a result of seeing the ad?

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