Alabama Senate Race


During the lead up to the 2017 Alabama Senate special election, Resonate identified an online audience consisting of nearly half a million Alabamians consuming the majority of their election news from conservative publications.


Our analyses proved the bubble held enough persuadable Independent, Republican and non-obvious Democratic voters to tip the scales in favor of the Democratic candidate, Doug Jones, and neutralize the statewide Republican advantage of outnumbering Democrats 2-1. Audiences were targeted with a pro-Jones video containing messages and facts mostly absent or non-existent in their digital worlds.


  • Jones narrowly wins race by 20,715 total votes.
  • 30% increase in liberal browsing among exposed devices relative to all non-exposed devices in Alabama
  • 80K unique video completions with average view frequency of 10
  • 33K Independent voters completed video (Jones wins 22K Independent voters)
  • 36K moderate Republicans completed video (Jones wins 45K Republican voters)