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Robinhood Retail Investors: A Deep Dive into the Wall Street Disruptors

Remember when Redditors and ‘Average Joe’ retail investors banded together to almost quadruple GameStop’s stock price, sending Wall Street bros betting against the struggling video game retailer into a tizzy? Robinhood played a significant role in the meme stock phenomenon, bringing millions of new investors into markets. But the debacle left these Wall Street Disruptors—and […]

Insights Marketers Need as Consumers Grow Environmentally Conscious

Environmentally-conscious consumers are paying more attention to their actions and, in some cases, paying more money for a brand’s actions. With each passing Earth Day, consumers become more conscious of, well, consumption. From tweaking everyday purchase decisions to vocally holding companies accountable for environmental impacts, Americans are going green and expecting brands to follow suit. […]

Will Budweiser’s “Reunite with Buds” Vaccine Ad Work?

Resonate’s real-time, granular consumer insights show that Budweiser’s latest ad has a good shot with vaccine-hesitant Americans Budweiser is bringing back their iconic puppy and Clydesdale duo to encourage Americans to get vaccinated so they, too, can reunite with friends. So, will it work? Let’s look at an audience of vaccine-hesitant Americans (those who are […]

How Lululemon Must Reflect on Their Marketing Strategy for Mirror

Lululemon stretched their legging-clad legs into a new product category in its summer acquisition of Mirror – a futuristic at-home fitness solution rivaling Peloton’s subscription model and Apple’s just-launched Fitness+. The brand’s latest revenue report indicates a strong 2021, but are they ready to take on the top dogs in virtual fitness? To make them […]

Infographic: Holiday Shopping 2020 Preview

The 2020 holiday shopping season is upon us and while it may look different, it’s still in full swing. Retailers can still expect their typical Black Friday and Cyber Monday shoppers to pay them a visit – even if more are coming through online or to curbside pickup. To connect with these shoppers and get […]

Facebook in the Face of Section 230: Where Consumers Stand

Some see Facebook as a playground of connection with old friends and family. To others, it’s a misinformation cesspool. Consumer sentiment on the social behemoth has tossed and turned about as much as all of us trying to sleep on election night week. The issue at hand: are platforms responsible for the content published on […]