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CDPs: Yet Another Acronym That Lets Marketers Down

CDPs, or customer data platforms, are the latest venture capital darling. Unfortunately, they’re not going to help marketers connect more meaningfully with consumers. Andy Hunn, Chief Operating Officer, Resonate tell us why  The newest acronym taking our industry by storm is CDP. And unfortunately, this one isn’t going to help marketers connect more meaningfully with consumers either. […]

The Women Trump Can Win

Imagine for a moment that you’re a senior political strategist for Donald Trump (bear with me!) and you’ve just finished reading the eighth article this week about the gender gap in his favorability scores. Congratulations: it’s your job to fix it. First, put aside Republican women for a moment – those who don’t yet support […]

How Big Data Can Help You This Political Season

At a recent American Association of Political Consultants (AAPC) conference, I participated on the panel discussion titled, Testing, 1, 2, 3, focusing on how big data can help political campaigns more effectively target voters and donors during this election cycle. They were wise enough to hold the conference in Puerto Rico, which gave a welcome […]

Emotions Are Indicators, Not Insights

For decades, a brand’s understanding of the emotional drivers of its customers, and its ability to foster a relationship based on this understanding, has driven success for many of the world’s leading brands such as Apple and Coca-Cola. Facebook’s recent launch of “Reactions” to add greater depth behind the “Like” button shows how the digital […]

Look Beyond the Voter File This Political Season

This past Wednesday, January 20th at MediaPost’s MarketingPolitics conference, I had the pleasure of speaking on a panel discussion titled, Match Game: The Data Challenge of 2016. The panel focused on answering several key questions that many marketers and political strategists are asking as we start this election year: What are the best approaches now for […]

Backstage on the 2014 Voter Motivation Landscape

By Andy Hunn, Chief Operating Officer Today, Resonate announced the release of its 2014 Voter Motivation Landscape study conducted from our vast, ongoing research. The study dissects survey data that ultimately defines 10 key voting populations that will determine the outcome on Election Day. We undertook this project to see what our proprietary research would […]

The Launch of Resonate Analytics

By Andy Hunn, COO When we began our journey building Resonate in 2008, we were trying to answer one simple question: how can you understand people online based on their values and beliefs rather than simple demographics? We knew from politics the power of this richer understanding of people that had been used to great […]

Back To School: Education a Top Vote Driver but Little Consensus on a Top Policy Prescription

As students across the country return to school, Resonate examined attitudes toward one of voters’ top, and often overlooked, priorities: Education reform. Nearly half of all online consumers (44%) report “improving education” is a top issue driving their vote decision; only “job creation” is a stronger driver. Interestingly near identical proportions of those with children […]

Data Science + Consumer Insights

This past week, we attended the KDD Conference held in Chicago. The focus this year was on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining. As this is the premier data science conference in the world, naturally top tech companies like Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, Facebook, and LinkedIn took part. Topics ranged from Mining Data Semantics in Heterogeneous Information […]

2013 Digital Media Power Players

As Always On Network announces its 2013 Digital Media Power Players list, we’re pleased to see Ted Leonsis & Steve Case from Revolution Growth, and Alan Patricof & Ian Sigalow from Greycroft Partners recognized on this list. It’s great to see the industry recognizing some of the partners who have helped Resonate evolve from a concept to a thriving start-up. We’ve […]

Optimizing for Metrics that Count

Resonate’s data has long proven that optimizing campaigns for clicks will get you clicks… not customers. And Quantcast’s recent whitepaper, “Display Ad Clickers Are Not Your Customers” reinforces that we’re on the right track. Clicks, by themselves, do little to improve upper-funnel metrics like brand awareness. And as the industry is learning, a click doesn’t necessarily […]

We Are Not Alone

Anytime you’re breaking new ground, it is hard to figure out exactly how to tell your story. You are creating something new and innovative, but how do you make it relevant and inspire the trust needed for those first customers to take a risk?  You’re asking people to adopt a new technology, or behave differently, […]

Cause Marketing – Ready for Primetime

I recently attended two of the key trade shows related to cause marketing, sustainability, and corporate social responsibility (CSR). While the ‘dark Greens’ preached the gospel of sustainability, over the past several years, early thought leading companies have proven that there is big potential by being truly Purpose-driven. Here are some of the conclusions I […]

What President Obama Didn’t Teach Us About Facebook

President Obama’s election generated a huge upsurge in online advertising as a tool by political and advocacy organizations.  “Obama the Brand” became the mantra de jour on Madison Avenue. And the Social Media gurus were almost as jubilant as the President’s campaign team when he won. After all it was social media that won the […]

If You Excite Them, They Will Come

I was struck by the intersection of two recent articles: MediaPost wrote about a recent Razorfish study into how consumers view engaging with brands on social media, and McKinsey’s Consumer Insights Group released a report about the importance of creating “customer excitement”. In essence, the Razorfish study found that from the consumers’ perspective, they’re far less concerned […]

Ripe for Consolidation

You know a market is both over-hyped, and ripe for consolidation when the players in the market itself eagerly announce the arrival of the consolidation, as in today’s announcement of Click Forensics’ purchase of Adometry. Brian Morrissey is right to point out that agencies and marketers want life to be simpler. I’ve had a seat at […]

Like Hope, a Cookie Is Not a Strategy

As the industry’s infatuation with data and all things cookie related continues, and the privacy microscope focuses in on those using cookies to drive their businesses, this conversation is missing the point — cookies are just a tool, and Man can’t live on cookies alone. If you want to really connect with consumers, you first […]