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The State of Today’s CMO

In the last 10 years, almost every industry has been digitally disrupted by new technologies, new sources and applications of data and new consumer behaviors. The marketing department has been at the center of this disruption—the place where its first and most severe effects have been felt. This has resulted in the marketing organization stretching […]

3 Keys to Becoming Disruptor-Proof

Disruption has transformed the corporate landscape in every industry today. As technology has reduced the barriers to entry in established markets, disruptors have started solving consumers’ old problems in completely new ways. In doing so, disruptors have dramatically changed consumer expectations of brands. The business models of disruption vary greatly, whether it’s Uber and Lyft […]

Consumer Intelligence: The CMO’s Sledgehammer For Breaking Down Silos

Most of today’s CMOs understand the importance of breaking down organizational silos in the quest to build a modern marketing organization, one that can keep pace with the ever-evolving consumer. But knowing where to start is another matter altogether. Marketing departments, particularly at large legacy brands, are often established entities with their own systems, cultures […]