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Disney+ Isn’t Just for Kids! 5 Fast Facts on Disney+ Subscribers Without Children

Disney+ may conjure up images of Mickey Mouse and Minnie, but there is a significant group (almost 30 million!) of Disney+ subscribers without children. Who are they and how can Disney+ reach them, engage them, and keep them renewing month-after-month, and year-after-year? We’ll look at 5 fast facts on this audience to determine the best […]

End the Year in the Black: 3 Key Nuances Between Gen Z v. Millennial Audiences Your Advertisers Need to Know

To boost your holiday ad sales and end your year in the black, you need to give advertisers a deep, holistic view of their target customers and how those overlap with your audiences — especially when it comes to high-value consumers like Gen Z v. Millennial audiences and how they relate to important retail events, […]

[Infographic] Dump Your DMP Data for Clear Insights and Actionable Data Visualization

Murky DMP data aggregated from multiple unclear sources is no way to inform your audience targeting. You need crystal clear, rich data that goes deep on real-time consumer sentiment to inform your targeting and your advertisers — but, even more importantly, you need a way to clearly pull and visualize insights.  The Resonate Ignite Platform™ […]

Connecting with Consumers Using Personal Values

To build deep consumer relationships, you can’t rely on flat demographics. You need to go deeper, drilling down to the core values that make a human human. Resonate uses Dr. Shalom Schwartz’s 19 basic personal values to determine what informs a person’s innermost decisions. This personal value structure has been found to be cross-culturally stable and has been proven to be consistent with purchase outcomes.  […]

[Infographic] How Granular Hispanic Segmentation Connects With Different Audiences Across the Country

Alma, a Miami-based multicultural advertising and segmentation agency, understands the diverse and dynamic cultural nuances of Hispanics across the country. That’s why they knew they could be a top contender to win a major pitch with a nationwide wellness brand and elevate that brand’s profile with multiple audiences. Connecting Hispanic Segmentation with Diverse, Dynamic Audiences […]

[Watch Now] Drive More Valuable Consumer Relationships Through AI-Powered Segmentation

Flat demographics are useful…for putting your customers into large buckets that tell you nothing deeper than gender, age, and location. But you want to go deeper. You want to target your customers with meaningful, relevant messaging that inspires deeper brand loyalty and love. You want to build a customized connection that keeps customers returning and […]

[Video] How Do You Persuade the 17% of Unvaccinated Americans Who Could be Swayed?

Brands, agencies, advocacy campaigns. Everyone is throwing their hat in the ring to persuade all Americans to get vaccinated and help get the country on track towards a normal…2022? Watch the video below to learn which values drive the daily behaviors and decisions of the unvaccinated, and how you can use those values for effective […]

Resonate Featured in Luxury Daily: More Retailers Should Cater to Millennial Moms This Holiday Season

Luxury Daily featured Resonate’s latest research on consumer data ahead of the holiday season. Speaking specifically to the luxury shopper, Ericka McCoy, chief marketing officer at Resonate, says “Luxury brands, more than other brands, need to ensure that they deeply understand their customers in order to choose and implement the right offers, messages, and experiences […]

[Infographic] Maximize Your Ad Spend This Holiday Season by Targeting Door Busting, Designer Dreaming Mall Moms

It may be 90 degrees outside, but holiday retail plans are already gearing up. As we approach another socially distanced holiday season, do you know if you’re connecting with the right consumers? We’re introducing you to one who should definitely be on your radar: the Door Busting, Designer Dreaming Mall Mom. She’s eager to be […]

3 Tips to Retain the Non-Binge Watcher

Surprise! Not everyone is watching White Lotus all the way through in one sitting. “What?!”, you say. Yes, it’s true. Some people have never joined the ranks of the self-described binge watcher. Yes, they have streaming services, but they aren’t sitting through marathons of their favorite shows. However, that doesn’t mean you should let them slip […]

4 Insights for Marketers to Connect With Environmentally Conscious Consumers

Most people say they care about the environment, but who are the environmentally conscious consumers who actually make purchasing decisions based on a company’s policies towards corporate responsibility? And how can you, as a marketer, use a data-driven approach connect with those consumers? Who Is the Environmentally Conscious Consumer? To find the environmentally conscious consumer, […]

5 Data-Driven Ways to Connect with Bank of America Switchers

Whether you’re Bank of America or one of their competitors, Bank of America switchers should be on your radar. These are banking customers whose primary or secondary bank is Bank of America and they’re interested in switching their bank in the next 12 months, and we’ve looked deep into the data on this audience within the […]