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What Happens if Amazon Opts Out of FLoCs?

According to an article from Digiday this week, it appears Amazon is taking steps to opt out of FLoCs for several of their domains, including amazon.com, wholefoods.com, and others. What does that mean for advertisers and the future of privacy-safe data? First, let’s back up: what is a FLoC? A FLoC is an anonymized representation […]

Bloomingdale’s Is Turning to Streaming Events. Will That Resonate With Their Customers?

Over the course of the pandemic, Bloomingdale’s has hosted more than 50 streaming shopping events. Style experts from beauty and fashion brands lead customers, hungry to cash in on “revenge shopping”, through the latest in purses, shoes, lipstick, and more. If you’re wondering, “what is revenge shopping?” It’s buying that fancy dress and sky-high heels […]

Which States Have the Most Tequila Drinkers Nationwide?

Cinco de Mayo, it’s a holiday that celebrates a Mexican military victory over the French army in 1862, however, in the United States, it’s a holiday that unites tequila drinkers nationwide. Which got us thinking…what does tequila consumption look like across the country? Are there certain states more likely to reach for the tequila? So, […]

Brand Loyalty Brief 2021: Meet Loyal Leslie

How important is loyalty right now? Forrester predicts “spend on loyalty and retention marketing will increase by 30% as CMOs assert control over the full customer lifecycle.” Over the past year, brands have faced a few different scenarios. Some have desperately worked to retain the customers already in their audience. Some have seen their reach […]

ChickInsights on Fast Food Fried Chicken Marketing

Pop quiz: what’s your favorite fast food fried chicken sandwich? An informal poll here in the Marketing office of Resonate hit on a few of the big players: Chick-Fil-A, Popeyes, McDonald’s (and a shoutout to the rogue vote for Bonchon). Across the country, American chicken connoisseurs are just as split. The fried chicken sandwich wars […]

State of the Consumer Reveals New Retail and Media Attitudes Driving Today’s Disrupted Consumers

New Research from Leading Consumer Intelligence Platform Delivers Insights to Help Brands Keep Pace with Pandemic-Preoccupied Shoppers   RESTON, Va., March 24, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Resonate, the leading provider of A.I.-driven consumer data and analytics, today released its latest State of the Consumer Report, which examines the behavior, sentiment, and values that are guiding […]

[Infographic] How to Connect With Baby Boomer Online Shoppers

Are Baby Boomer online shoppers at the top of your targeting for 2021? No? Well, they should be. The Washington Post recently published an article diving into the spikes in Baby Boomer online shopping:  Baby Boomers, to retailers’ surprise, are the ones dominating online shopping. These shoppers, previously hesitant to click “add to cart” over […]

Who Are the Baby Boomer Online Shoppers Driving Up E-Commerce?

Before we look at Baby Boomer online shoppers, let’s keep in mind one key fact: E-commerce is the new commerce. Throughout 2020, and now 2021, we closely track consumer sentiment, watching as Americans move their purchases online across verticals and tracking what could entice shoppers back into brick and mortar stores. And, while nearly 70% […]

Specificity Drives Authenticity: Highlights from Alma’s Multicultural Webinar

Alma. It means “soul” in Spanish. And it’s the name of a dynamic, diverse multicultural segmentation agency based in Miami, FL. They are rooted in the belief that brands must tap into the soul of customers in order to connect and cultural understanding is the key to building consumer-brand engagement. An ANA study found that […]

[Infographic] How Granular Hispanic Segmentation Won this Agency’s Pitch

Alma, a Miami-based multicultural advertising and segmentation agency, understands the diverse and dynamic cultural nuances of Hispanics across the country. That’s why they knew they could be a top contender to win a major pitch with a nationwide wellness brand. Connecting Hispanic Segmentation with Diverse, Dynamic Audiences The brand wanted to connect with diverse and […]

Featured In The Financial Brand: How Bank Marketers Should Respond Now

In an article published this week in The Financial Brand, Steve Touhill, Executive Director, Client Services at Resonate, writes that consumers currently not only want to feel safe physically but financially — and banks and credit unions must factor this attitude into their marketing and communications. Consumers Rate Safety and Security as Top Values Safety […]

Featured in Total Retail: Real-Time Data Will Make or Break Brick-and-Mortar Businesses

In her latest article, Real-Time Data Will Make or Break Brick-and-Mortar Businesses. So What Can You Do About It?, Resonate CMO Ericka McCoy examines the challenging times facing retail brands, particularly brick-and-mortar retailers. “E-commerce is establishing itself as simply the new commerce” – Ericka Podesta McCoy, Resonate CMO The brick-and-mortar retail experience defined commerce for much […]

Gather ‘Round the Big Screen for Thanksgiving Football 2020

Most people are sticking close to home this Thanksgiving weekend. Sports fans are still pumped to see their favorite players back on the screen. Leftovers are calling our name from the fridge (turkey and cranberry sandwich, anyone?). It’s the perfect recipe for a weekend on the couch yelling, “Touchdown!” Who’s Tuning into Thanksgiving Football Games? […]

Thanksgiving 2020: Who’s Doing the Dishes?

With a smaller group around the table this year, what can CPG companies expect when it comes to the cleaning products that Thanksgiving hosts are most likely to purchase? We looked at those consumers most likely to buy products specific to the Thanksgiving season and analyzed their attitudes, habits, and purchasing drivers around cleaning up. […]

Jingle Shelves: How Can CPG Holiday Brands Connect with Consumers this Holiday Season?

The holidays may look different this year, but this could be good news for CPG brands as consumers stay home and spend time together gathered ‘round the kitchen. Connecting with Consumers During the Holiday Baking Season As a CPG brand, you’re competing against legacy brands that have a festive history with bakers. Nestle, Baker’s, Ghirardelli, […]

Your Campaign is Short on Time. Target the Right Audience with the Right Message Today!

Time is running out. With less than two weeks until the election, you need to hit the exact right audience at the right time with a precisely targeted message. Voters are currently overwhelmed with increasing COVID-19 cases, the ongoing fight for social justice, ongoing Supreme Court nomination hearings and a barrage of negative campaign ads. […]

Just Released: Target Undecided Voters During These Critical Final Weeks

72% of Americans have not voted yet. 52% of voters believe Biden will win on November 3.  Does that mean the election is over?   Not even close. Two weeks remain and the American electorate has experienced a canceled Presidential debate, the potential confirmation of a new Supreme Court Justice and an ongoing barrage of campaign ads. […]

[Report] Socially Responsible Investing Stands to Grow in 2021

Savvy investors know money holds the power to enact change for the greater good. So, it’s no surprise that socially responsible investing (SRI) has seen 40% growth year-over-year according to a study from US SIF. What is Socially Responsible Investing? When you think of investment decisions, your immediate thought goes to ROI. What’s going to […]