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Disruption-Proof Data: 4 Ways to Drive Agency Growth

In our Disruption-Proof Data: 4 Ways to Drive Agency Growth webinar (watch on-demand), Resonate SVP, Agency, Jonathan Ricard shares the four pillars of using data to ignite growth for advertising agencies: Expanding Existing Business Pitching New Business Becoming a Strategic Business Advisor Reducing Silos with Cross-Team Data Adoption Let’s dive into the webinar’s key takeaways that […]

The 3 Keys to Moving Beyond ‘Cardboard’ Personas

Many of the targeting strategies used by today’s marketers fall into “the uncanny valley,” a phrase coined by Masahiro Mori over 40 years ago to describe the strong aversion people feel when observing a robot or computer-generated image. Marketers aim to deepen the emotional appeal of their communications, but these attempts have used proxies of […]

Have a Plan for Adding New Services? We’ve Got One For You

There’s been a steady drumbeat of technology IPOs this year, with staggering valuations of software stocks. Recent IPOs are up an average of 28% in the last month alone versus the entire software market that’s up 13% in the same period, according to Investor’s Business Daily. If you’re an advertising agency, you’ve contributed to the […]

Data Provider Carnival Games

Episode 1:  Step Right Up “Step right up and try your luck,” is a phrase employed by carnival barkers everywhere. It’s the ultimate call to action, suggesting your skill and luck can bring you stuffed animal victory. These games of “chance and skill” remind me of the data providers in our digital industry, in a […]

The Data Food Court Experience

Last time I talked about the recent trends of Farm to Table dining as it relates to data selection for marketers to create yummy marketing. Today, I’m going to focus on the food court model, and by extension, DMPs. Food Courts provide diner choice options that appeal to everyone and are centrally located to maximize […]

Farm To Table Data For YUMMY Marketing

One of the more exciting transitions in dining over the last several years has been the development of the Farm to Table restaurant scene. We can thank the Michael Pollan’s book “The Omnivore’s Dilemma”, for kick starting the movement of consumers wondering about how their food is produced. Farm to Table is a growing trend […]

Onboarding CRM: What Big Eyes You Have Grandma

At Resonate, we provide our clients with access to “human attributes”. We enable brands to develop a sophisticated understanding of their customers and prospects through our proprietary, census-scale survey data and contextual analysis of internet behavior on 90% of the US online population – on an individual level. In many ways, we are offering our […]