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[INFOGRAPHIC] Unlock Unparalleled First-Party Insights in Record Time with Direct Data Onboarding

When activated well, insights from your first-party data result in more meaningful engagement and more powerful results. But it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. Some of the biggest, most frustrating challenges with the data onboarding process include complex manual processes, long turnaround times, ambiguous match rates, and less control of your first-party data. At Resonate, […]

What’s in Your Agency Growth Toolkit?

In the face of inflation (and an impending recession), brands are beginning to tighten their budgets. As we know all too well, this often translates into cuts in advertising budgets that put agencies at risk. The agencies that succeed are the ones who deliver the best value to their clients and, hopefully, become brands’ agencies […]

Featured in AdvertisingWeek: The Power of Tracking Real-Time Sentiment Shifts Among Voters in Times of Uncertainty

The article by Daniel Scantlebury below appeared in AdvertisingWeek. Read it in its entirety here. If the past six years of American politics have revealed anything, it’s that the old ways in which political campaigns understood and connected with persuadable voters no longer apply. Going into 2022’s red-hot election cycle, campaigns need access to relevant, […]

Compete with Amazon’s Back-to-School Strategy Using AI-Powered Consumer Insights

With a recession looming, many Americans are feeling the financial pains of inflation, and according to Wave 29 of the Resonate Recent Events Report series, they’re adjusting their spending accordingly. There’s been a significant spike in consumers buying in bulk, brand switching, and shopping in different stores in search of an economic reprieve. How does a […]

What Marketers Should Know About Google Topics

Now that Google’s original third-party cookie replacement is no more (RIP FLoC), marketers are taking a closer look at the newer alternative: Google Topics. And it might make things more difficult for advertisers when it comes to ad targeting. Here’s what you need to know. What is Google Topics? Let’s break down Google’s latest attempt […]

3 Ways Agencies Can Make Themselves Indispensable Strategic Partners

Agencies were already being disrupted by everything from new tech to consultant competitors to brands going in-house when the pandemic started. For the last couple of years, panic-driven budget cuts, last-minute pivots on campaigns, insane ramp-ups in industries skyrocketing during the pandemic, and the like made a challenging environment more challenging.  Disruption is the name […]

4 Fast Facts on NHL Fans and How to Use Them, Just in Time for the Stanley Cup

🏒 Barn Burner: used to describe a game that is high-scoring, fast-paced, and exciting to watch. It’s a big sports year in the world of media—and, as always, your friends at Resonate have rich, relevant insights into who’s tuning in this season. We’re diving into NHL fans today (an audience of about 51 million people), just […]

Silos Suck: Why Data Democratization and Insights Democratization are Key in the Age of the Consumer

Who is your data for? Proponents of data democratization would say it’s for everyone in a strategic, customer-centric organization. Data democratization is typically defined as giving access to data to all employees in an easy, understandable way that leads to making better decisions. When you make consumer data available across the organization, more diverse teams […]

Targeting Tar Heels: Niche Primary Voter Segments Found in North Carolina

North Carolina is a bonafide battleground. As shown in recent statewide elections, The Tar Heel State bleeds purple. In just the last four presidential elections, the winners were decided by an average margin of 1.8%. This makes the upcoming primaries particularly significant as the victors could advance to some of the most contested races in […]

Nailed It! Analyzing Nissan’s March Madness Commercial and Why it Works, Backed by Data 

How’s your March Madness bracket going? If you’re still recovering from this year’s back-to-back upsets, then you’ll know how it feels to be a would-be March Madness advertiser who found out the 2022 ad slots sold out ridiculously fast. The return of college basketball fans to the stands shows telltale signs of the first ‘back-to-normal’ […]

Nailed It! 3 Winning Big Game Beer Ads, Backed by Data

Whether you’re a football purist, you’re just in it for the beer and buffalo dip, or—like me—you CANNOT miss the halftime show and star-studded commercials, there’s really something for everyone watching the big game on Sunday. But at Resonate, we’re always watching brand ads to see if they align with today’s audience. So, let’s let the […]

How NBCUniversal Can Tap into its TikTok-Scrolling CTV Audience for the Big Winter Games

Did you know that NBCUniversal has had the rights to air “the big international sports games” in the U.S. since the 1980s?! The times—consumers and TV specifically—have changed plenty since then. According to Ad Age, the media company “reckons with an increasing number of viewers favoring streaming and digital video versus linear TV as their preferred […]

It’s Dry January! See Who’s Drinking No- and Low-Alcohol Beverages in the New Year.

Phew. We’re officially midway through the first month of 2022. If you feel like you need a stiff drink, then you might be in smaller company than previous years. Dry January, mocktails, and the sober-curious movement have been gaining steam nationwide in recent years. In fact, A Morning Consult poll found that 1 in 7 Americans […]

Looking Back to Look Ahead: The Top Media Insights of 2021

When it comes to media strategy, we like to move fast and break things, making it fairly easy to fall behind on what really matters to our audiences. But in 2021, industry professionals like you didn’t just sit and wait. They did their research and kept a pulse on consumers to stay informed and adaptable. Today, we’re sharing the top 5 media […]

Phone Carriers X Streaming Services: Does Cross-Bundling Align with Consumer Values?

“There are only two ways to make money in business: you can unbundle, or you can bundle.” — Jim Barksdale  Deloitte predicts that at least 150 million SVOD (Subscription Video on Demand) services will be canceled globally next year. In the US, they say churn has already reached 35%.   What does this mean for your media and entertainment company?   It’s […]

The Data Shows…Paramount+ and Paramount Network Audiences are Actually Quite Different 

We’re entering a new year, and cord-cutters have yet to kill cable. TV advertisers, however, face new challenges from the pandemic-driven streaming boom to the phasing out of 3rd party cookies. Media companies know that the allure of OTT alone won’t convince advertisers to sign on the dotted line; they’ll need to prove their unique value. And to them, nothing is more valuable […]

3 Content Distribution Optimization Drivers

From the gradual reopening of live entertainment to the relaunch of tv production, many media and entertainment companies got what was on their wishlist this year. Why? Because that spells more opportunities for advertisers and their ad dollars.   But the landscape has changed significantly since last year. Consumers continue evolving, privacy laws keep changing, and the streaming wars continue. […]