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The Current State of OTT and What it Means for Advertisers

This is a breakout time for OTT media services. Americans are spending more time at home and looking for socially distant ways to entertain. These days, 41 percent of people are watching TV through a streaming service, with streaming content accounting for 25 percent of all TV viewing. What does the rise of OTT mean […]

Can Walmart and Target Give Brands A Better Way to Reach Consumers?

When the IAB announced this year’s lineup of presenting media companies for NewFronts, observers noted not only who wasn’t there (Disney due to the timing of the 21st Century Fox acquisition), but also two first-time entrants: Walmart/VUDU and Target. These retail giants have well-known media offerings, but this move signals a greater strategic emphasis on […]

3 Steps You Need To Take For Better Storytelling

Publishers have access to a lot of first-party data about their audiences, including web behavior, app registrations and email sign-ups. While this is helpful, it doesn’t communicate an entire story to advertisers about their audiences beyond clicks and pageviews. It’s time for publishers to gain a deeper understanding of these consumers’ values, motivations and intent […]

Beat Google and Facebook at their Game With Better Insights

One of the biggest challenges publishers and media companies face today is showing the value of their reading and viewing audiences. Establishing their unique value is how publishers validate their cost per impressions (CPM) and sponsorships. Even though Google and Facebook control much of the audience delivery available to advertisers, the publishers best positioned for […]

How Advertising and Subscriptions Win Together

As subscription revenue growth across print and digital audiences has become the new norm in the media industry, publishers can no longer rely solely on advertising revenue while charting a path to profitability. But how can publishers win by identifying audiences most likely to buy as digital subscriptions are in the spotlight? There is a […]