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Enter Public Affairs Targeting 2.0

The reality is when election season ends, public affairs campaigns are left with the same political data sets, often derived from poorly modeled voter files, and targeting strategies they leveraged to engage voters in the previous cycle. This is problematic, but what’s the solution? For starters, let’s take a look at some of the obvious […]

[Video] Resonate Talks AI in Politics with Campaigns & Elections

Resonate’s Ryan Fitzpatrick and Daniel Scantlebury were featured on Campaigns & Elections Campaign Insider segment last week to discuss how campaigns are leveraging AI-driven strategies to understand and reach niche voter segments. Watch the interview below and contact Resonate to learn more about how your political, advocacy, or public affairs campaign can incorporate the innovative strategies […]

From politics to policy: applying midterm strategies to win advocacy campaigns

As we approach the end of the year, like many, I’m still looking back at the midterms. What were the game changing strategies that moved the needle in the most challenging electoral conditions? How can campaigns leverage these methods to adapt and win in the unpredictable and complex legislative environments that await Washington and local […]

Targeting Supreme Court Priorities

The Supreme Court nomination process has rocked the midterm elections. But if you were there in 2016, you’re prepared for late game surprises – the ones with the potential to swing elections and demand on-the-fly strategy changes. At Resonate, we operate in real-time. We have immediately deployable models for online voter targeting, refreshed nightly to […]

We tracked a dramatic shift in AZ-08 voter patterns. How secure is your district?

In a nationally watched Arizona special election last month, a Democrat came close to victory in a district Republicans won by a 37% margin in 2016. The results in Arizona came off the heels of another special election in Pennsylvania, where a Democrat bested a Republican in a district they didn’t even bother to challenge […]

Texas Too Close to Call? How Will Your Side Fare?

A recent Quinnipiac poll found the 2018 Senate race in Texas “too close to call”, suggesting things may be a little closer than you think in a known Republican stronghold. For a deeper understanding on what’s happening in Texas, we leveraged Resonate’s artificial intelligence (AI) platform to analyze the current partisan divide in the state, focusing on […]

Understanding Voter Behavior in Pennsylvania – An Unpredictable Battleground

Online media patterns emerging in Pennsylvania this cycle reinforce the state’s reputation as a fierce election battleground; a battleground Trump barely claimed in 2016 with 0.7% of the vote. Want to learn more about the digital media bubble phenomena in modern day politics? View the SlideShare – Breaching the Bubble: Establishing an Effective Counter Narrative in […]

Resonate Wins Reed Award for “Best Application of Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning”

At the annual Reed Awards in Charleston, South Carolina, Campaigns & Elections awarded Resonate the prestigious Reed Award for “Best Application of Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning.” The Reeds, named after Campaigns & Elections founder Stanley Foster Reed, “embody excellence in political campaigning, campaign management, political consulting and political design.” Judged by a panel of […]

2018 US Senate Outlook and Early On the Ground Realities

It’s early, although the dawn of the 2018 senate midterm elections has emerged from an unprecedented year of political sensationalism. The heavy partisan divide in 2017 gave rise to the significance of this year’s midterms and the legislative procedural politics that will frame the debate from now until November, which already include one government shutdown amidst […]

[Infographic] Midterm Election Preview: Hispanic Voter Infographic

Winning in many of the most competitive statewide and local races in the 2018 midterm elections will require campaigns to persuade and mobilize the critical Hispanic vote. A winning 2018 GOTV strategy should include outreach to Hispanic voters who are likely to vote in midterms, those who historically avoid midterms and the large group of […]

Profits and Politics: A Data-driven Analysis of Brands Going Political

A recent survey found 57% of consumers buy or boycott products based on a brand’s stance on political or social issues. As companies increasingly enter the political arena through contributions, endorsements and public stances on controversial issues, understanding where customers stand on the ideological spectrum becomes critical. The reality is 100% of the business outweighs 50% of the […]

Resonate Interviewed by Campaigns & Elections on Data, Analytics and the Future of Political Campaigning

Resonate’s Gary Sherwood appeared on Campaigns & Elections’ Campaign Insider series to discuss the lessons learned from the 2016 elections and the need for campaigns to incorporate real-time dynamic behavioral data in fluid election cycles. Watch the full interview here https://www.facebook.com/CampaignsandElections/videos/10155485763029860/.

Using Data to Win Foreign Policy Campaigns

Whether businesses, industry organizations, or foreign policy groups approve of the hard line national security agenda promised by President-elect Trump or the personnel he has hired to immediately deviate from the Obama Administration’s doctrine, all interested parties should be prepared to protect their interests and associated causes overseas. The support of the American public will […]

Tax Reform Advocacy Should Start Now

The time to act on tax reform is now. That’s not a pitch, it’s a fact. Starting in the New Year would be starting late. DC influencers have already lined the halls of Congress seeking meetings on tax reform to ensure their business interests are well taken care of. You may have seen this article […]

Resonate CEO Talks Politics and Business With Forward Thinking Radio

Resonate CEO, Bryan Gernert, appeared on Forward Thinking Radio last night to discuss Resonate’s role in the 2016 elections, including how Resonate data called 47 out of 50 states correctly and predicted a Trump Victory days before the election. Listen to the short interview here. Gernert also discussed how Resonate data is helping companies better […]

Winning the Weekend

Fact 1: The candidate whose party receives the majority of early votes historically wins the election. Fact 2: There’s one more weekend left of early voting. Two more days where the mass amount of voters have the time off to beat the lines and choose their candidate. Fact 3: Resonate can launch your GOTV campaign […]

The Women Who Support Trump

Despite the tape, the allegations, the “locker room talk” …there are millions of women who intend to vote for Donald Trump in 12 days. It’s voters like these that only Resonate can understand on a fundamentally deeper, personal level and can activate on those insights to win votes for down-ballot races and initiatives nationwide. Resonate […]

In Play This Cycle: White, College-Educated Voters

College-educated white voters, a demographic that Democrats have not won in over a half-century, are well in play this cycle… With both sides now competing for the 53.3 million registered white college-educated voters, Resonate is here to help campaigns find, target, and persuade these voters with a message that cuts through the political rhetoric and […]

Winning Down-Ballot Voters

Resonate data shows there are over 5 million registered voters this cycle who will vote for Congress in the general election, although leave the top of the ticket blank. We took a look at how Resonate intelligence can help campaigns, especially down-ballot races, find, target and win the millions of voters who intend to vote […]