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Beyond Cardboard Personas

The 3 Keys to Moving Beyond ‘Cardboard’ Personas

Many of the targeting strategies used by today’s marketers fall into “the uncanny valley,” a phrase coined by Masahiro Mori over 40 years ago to describe the strong aversion people feel when observing a robot or computer-generated image. Marketers aim to deepen the emotional appeal of their communications, but these attempts have used proxies of […]

The Real Truth About Energy Drinkers

Who do you picture when you think about someone who consumes energy drinks? Stressed-out college students? Gamers who want to stay up all night? It’s neither one. Resonate’s insights on the 28.4 million people who drank at least one energy drink in the last month paint a picture of a young to middle-aged dad, who […]

4 Steps To Becoming A Lean Agency

The tenure of the agency-client relationship is on the decline. Agencies are awash in an overwhelming amount of data and technology, and clients are calling for greater transparency. At the same time, agencies are being tasked to do more with less, and do it faster. With all the complexities in the agency world today, wasted […]

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Get to Know 37M Organic Food Shoppers

Do you really know who your best consumer segments are? We do! Imagine having incredibly deep insights on who’s purchasing your products in various channels and why. This is what Resonate is doing at massive scale for our CPG clients. One frustration I often hear from fast-moving consumer goods companies is the lack of easily […]

31 Million Consumers Are On The Fence About Switching Banks This Year

Consumers have changed the way they manage and control their finances over the last 10 years, making the role of the bank marketer even more challenging. Consumer preferences are constantly changing, and banks are grappling with the new wave of competition, some of which aren’t even banks. Tech companies like Amazon and Apple have plans […]

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[Infographic] The Who, What, Where and Why of Amazon Apparel Shoppers

Did you know that 20.5 million people are buying apparel from Amazon’s  Essentials, the online giant’s clothing brand. It’s not surprising given that 44% of them say they choose where to shop  based on convenience. So what else do we know about Amazon’s apparel shoppers? View the infographic below to learn more about these consumers. […]

Hidden Dimensions of Voter Landscape

Discover the Hidden Dimensions of the Voter Landscape

The Key to Victory in 2020: Moving Beyond the Voter File When President Trump invited Kim Kardashian to the White House to discuss prison reform in 2018, the photo opportunity got coverage, but there was actually a more important mission underway. It turns out the invitation was extended with a specific communications objective in mind: […]

15 Intriguing Facts About Today’s Generation Z and Millennials

How well do you know the difference between tech savvy millennials, and social media captivated Generation Z? Do you know if your targeting strategies are differentiating the two effectively? As marketers, we are constantly searching for intriguing insights on consumers to drive campaigns, but most do not look farther than simple demographics. To ensure you […]

The State of Today's CMO

The State of Today’s CMO

In the last 10 years, almost every industry has been digitally disrupted by new technologies, new sources and applications of data and new consumer behaviors. The marketing department has been at the center of this disruption—the place where its first and most severe effects have been felt. This has resulted in the marketing organization stretching […]

Winning CTV Strategy

What You Need to Know to Connect with Binge Watchers

More people than ever before are cutting the cord—53 million to be exact—with another 16.8 million considering it over the next three months. These consumers are moving to over-the-top (OTT) platforms, which provide access to TV shows and movies via the internet through services like Netflix and Hulu, without the need for a traditional cable […]

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