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Climate Change Denier

[Infographic]: Get to Know the Climate Change Deniers

Resonate discovered eight hidden dimensions of voters who are highly clustered together based on familiar patterns and some surprises. One of these newly uncovered dimensions is the climate change denier. Their core similarities are that they don’t believe climate change exists or that Russia interfered with the election. Connecting with this voter segment requires a […]

Understanding The Why Behind Consumer Decisions

[Video] The Resonate Platform Reveals the WHY Behind Consumer Behavior

 Consumers are complex and change their behaviors and preferences regularly, making it increasingly difficult for marketers to understand the why behind a customer’s buying decisions. Resonate reveals the why through the Human Element, a holistic understanding of a consumer that starts with what makes them the most human—their psychological drivers, values and motivations. We […]

What Makes Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue and Bloomingdales Shoppers Unique? Looking Beyond the Luxury Label

When you think of luxury department stores, many likely come to mind. We whittled down the long list and honed in on three upscale retailers. We discovered some surprising differences in the product preferences and personal values of these customers. While Bloomingdales, Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue sell many of the same brands and […]

Post Debate Lift

Democratic Debate #2: The Results Are In…

Democratic Debate #2: The Results Are In… Resonate’s AI-driven voter insights combined with best-in-class survey research and monitoring both online and offline behaviors reveals a dynamic, nuanced picture of the American electorate. Resonate’s insights go beyond an analysis of the static voter file combined with third-party data. Unlike traditional polling, the Resonate platform not only […]

Move beyond the voter file in 2020 and upgrade your voter data

[Infographic] The Best Voter Data Drives Winning Political Campaigns

Are your political campaigns hungry for deeper, more relevant voter data? The best data will help your teams develop the best campaigns – campaigns that will resonate with your target voter segments and win big on Election Day. The best data is homegrown from the most trustworthy sources and served fresh every day. It blooms […]

Post Debate Lift

How Political Debates Really Move The Dial

What can AI tell us about post-debate polls? The American electorate is generally viewed as a heterogeneous landscape, centered on candidates and partisan issues with politics that are nationally scaled. The problem with this world view is that it obscures the reality that each voter is an individual with experiences that are unique to their […]

Satisfy Your Craving For Better Data

[Infographic] The Best Campaigns Sprout from the Best Data

Are your campaigns starving for better consumer data? The best data will help your teams develop the best campaigns – campaigns that exceed KPIs, delight your clients and help you win more business. The best data is also homegrown from the most trustworthy sources and served fresh every day. It blooms into a full picture […]

Amazon Prime Day Shoppers

Why Are Amazon Prime Shoppers So Damn Loyal?

Amazon Prime Day has become the biggest retail event of the summer for shoppers, and Prime members have access to thousands of deals for 48 hours, up from last year’s 36-hour bonanza. The total number of shoppers is expected to grow by 13% year over year, and 56% of them are expected to spend even […]

Does partisan politics drive voter turnout or voter burnout

Navigating the Unpredictable 2020 Election: Politics or Policy?

What Does the Democratic Debate Say About Partisanship? The recent Democratic debates spawned a healthy amount of post-show discussion about who outshined who. So, what does the Democratic debate really say about partisanship? Political polls and the New York Times show that key takeaways from the event were the economy, health care, immigration, gun control […]

Beyond Cardboard Personas

The 3 Keys to Moving Beyond ‘Cardboard’ Personas

Many of the targeting strategies used by today’s marketers fall into “the uncanny valley,” a phrase coined by Masahiro Mori over 40 years ago to describe the strong aversion people feel when observing a robot or computer-generated image. Marketers aim to deepen the emotional appeal of their communications, but these attempts have used proxies of […]

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