Why “The Party of Parents” Discussion Highlights the Need for Great Voter Data.

In the days following Virginia Governor Elect Youngkin’s upset, both national parties raced to claim the title of “the party of parents”. While CRT and the curriculum debate was gaining […]

3 Drivers for Content Distribution Optimization Blog

3 Content Distribution Optimization Drivers

From the gradual reopening of live entertainment to the relaunch of tv production, many media and entertainment companies got what was on their wishlist this year. Why? Because that spells more opportunities […]

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Nailed It! Two Winning Brand Collaborations and Why They Work, Backed by Data

You’ve probably heard the adage that two heads are better than one. But then I think of powerhouse brand collabs that tanked, like the 2014 partnership between U2 and Apple…yikes. What makes a brand partnership […]

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Representation During the Holidays: Connecting with Consumers During Hanukkah

Just in time for Hanukkah and 8 nights of latkes and sufganiyot, we’re taking a look at opportunities for Hanukkah-specific messaging in an advertising sea of red and green. Representation […]

3 Facts About Your Friends Who Don’t Have Streaming Services (Yes, They Exist!)

We have some surprising news: there are people who don’t have streaming services. Over 17 million U.S. adults do not use on-demand streaming services according to the latest data from […]

Featured in Digital Commerce 360: Unique Characteristics of the ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ Consumer

Buy Now, Pay Later customers are the darling of the retail world right now. They offer retailers an opportunity to reach audiences and build revenue streams with those customers who […]

[Infographic] Bourbon and Vodka Drinkers Approach At-Home Entertaining Differently

It’s that time of the year again—the holiday season. Although festivities might look a bit different this year, that doesn’t mean Americans won’t do their best to eat, drink, and […]

Put Your Ad Spend Where It Will Have Impact: Target These Swing Voters in 2022

Campaign dollars aren’t unlimited, so you need to put your money where it’s going to have the most impact. One surefire way to do that: target the swing voters whose […]

It’s Tablet Time! Learn 4 New Insights on Disney+ Viewers With Elementary School Kids

When you think Disney+, parents of elementary school kids are probably one of the first demographics that come to mind. But, what do you know about them beyond their love […]

Your Guide to Prove Your Network’s Value, Win Ad Dollars, and Boost Retention

The competition for advertising dollars is fierce and to continue to win business and boost retention, you need to prove your worth. That’s why it’s time to quantify and prove […]