[New Data] Americans Continue to Walk the Line Between Anxious and Eager

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6 Ways to Connect to the Values that Drive Sustainably Minded Millennial Female Shoppers

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5 Data-Driven Ways to Connect With Millennial Coffee Pod Drinkers

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[Infographic] Ready, Set, Activate! Resonate Data is Available to Activate Across Channels

Imagine the possibilities. You have 14,000+ attributes scaled to 230 million U.S. consumers and it all be used to create dynamic, hypertargeted segments, available for activation across all digital channels. […]

Disney+ Isn’t Just for Kids! 5 Fast Facts on Disney+ Subscribers Without Children

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Data Lessons from Virginia: Localize and Win Swing Voters

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Wave 20 Consumer Trends

[Sneak Peek] Wave 20 Shows How Current Events Impact Consumer Habits

When do consumers see the world returning to normal? How has their stance changed politically in this changing climate? Are they comfortable thinking about spending money this holiday season? Resonate […]