Breakfast Made Me Do It

They say not to sweat the small stuff. Yet, it’s in how we deal with the small stuff that speaks volumes to our character and values. Take something simple like breakfast, for example, a meal that is said to dictates one’s entire day. Some people forget to eat it, others consider a cup of Joe sufficient, and then there are those who make time to sit and enjoy a full meal. The power of the small things is great. Something so commonplace like what you eat for breakfast can be a window into individuals and the values they hold close.

Resonate surveyed the breakfast eating population to more deeply understand how their choices and perspectives regarding the most important meal of day affects their overall lives and actions. Turns out, you really are what you eat!


People are complex – right down to their breakfast choices. What drives them and motivates them to take action is different for everyone. From breakfast bars to auto purchases, marketers need to understand and appeal to those deep rooted beliefs, both elementary and complicated, to truly connect with their audiences.


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