Coffee Competition: The real difference between Seahawks and Patriots Fans

As America gears up for Super Bowl Sunday, team banter has flooded our newsfeeds, airwaves, and living rooms. From “Deflategate” to Seattle’s winning streak, there is no shortage of speculation and prediction. But besides their choice of football teams, what really separates New England and Seattle fans?

It turns out that the biggest difference between the fans of these two teams may come down to where they get their coffee: New England really does run on Dunkin – in total 77% have visited a Dunkin Donuts at least once in the past month. These New England fans love getting their caffeine fix from Dunkin Donuts as 27% visited 5 or more times per month and 33% between 2-4 times per month. Seahawks fans, on the other hand, support their hometown Starbucks. In total, just over half have visited a Starbucks location at least once in the past month.  Seahawks fans are a bit less fervent in their Starbucks support, with 11% having visited that chain 5 or more times per month and 21% having visited 2-4 times per month.





* Our survey analysis looked at people who described themselves as televised pro sports watchers and residents of Washington state as well as the collection of New England states. Sample size of 2,836 for New England and 2,336 for Washington.

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