3 Fast Facts on Evolving Consumer Sentiment from our Latest Emerging Trends Report 

New Emerging Trends Report February 2022

By now, you’re probably tired of hearing that we’re living unprecedented times — but we kicked 2022 off with the threat of war in Europe, high and rising inflation, and ongoing supply chain issues to name a few challenges. Americans are feeling the highs and lows of the new year, and it’s impacting how they feel about the economy, their health, work, travel, spending, and the like. Marketers, it’s imperative to meet consumers where they are — we can help you keep a pulse on evolving consumer sentiment.

Since the start of the pandemic, Resonate has been tracking real-time data on what Americans are thinking, doing, and buying in our Resonate COVID-19 and Emerging Trends Reports. Today, we’re sharing a sneak peek of what’s changed in our latest report, so you can make more informed decisions in Q2 and beyond.  

27% more Americans say they will NEVER get the booster vaccine 

Since our last report, we’ve seen a spike in Americans who say they’ll never get a COVID booster. Despite science-backed evidence that they’re safe, overall consumer sentiment on vaccines and vaccine mandates is split at best (more details in our report). 

How likely are you to take the coronavirus booster vaccine now that it has become available to you? 

Consumer Sentiment on COVID Booster | Emerging Trends

1 in 10 will feel comfortable in activities involving crowds if they know others are going 

As the weather warms and spring starts to bloom, we can expect more Americans will be ready to head outside for some fun. While most people will wait for COVID infections to decrease, some will be okay attending events with a little encouragement from their friends. Event marketers, take note. 

Which of the following must occur for you to once again feel comfortable doing activities involving crowds (e.g., going to a bank, shopping, attending a concert or sporting event, or dining in at a restaurant)?  

Consumer Sentiment on Outdoor Activities | Emerging Trends

Over half of Americans say they’re LOYAL to the same brands after 12 months 

It’s true that brand loyalty is on a hefty decline, but if brands can hold on to their customers for a year, chances are they’ll stay. Whether it’s due to subscriptions, loyalty programs, or fear that the grass isn’t greener elsewhere (especially in today’s climate) our data shows it’s possible to achieve those retention goals.  

Compared to 12 months ago, how has your loyalty towards your preferred brands changed? 

Consumer Sentiment on Brand Loyalty | Emerging TrendsReady for more insights?

Did we pique your interest? There’s so much more to see in our latest Emerging Trends Report. Keep your marketing agile and up-to-speed with what consumers are thinking, feeling, buying and doing right now. Access the report here. 

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