Silos Suck: Why Data Democratization and Insights Democratization are Key in the Age of the Consumer

Data Democratization and Insights

Who is your data for? Proponents of data democratization would say it’s for everyone in a strategic, customer-centric organization. Data democratization is typically defined as giving access to data to all employees in an easy, understandable way that leads to making better decisions. When you make consumer data available across the organization, more diverse teams can access it and you can generate more insights. This in turn allows departments—like sales, marketing, and customer service—to take advantage of new business opportunities faster than the competition.  

Data democratization and customer experience 

Data democratization can significantly improve customer experience. With greater access to rich, relevant insights, marketing departments can deliver personalized offers and marketing campaigns to attract customers, improving the company’s sales and revenue. Product designers and customer support teams can use data to improve their products and customer interactions.  

Businesses see wins across the board. And that’s just from a client-facing perspective. Internally, data democratization can help managers and supervisors improve performance across departments by quickly gaining insights to streamline workflows and cut down on inefficiencies.   

Best practices for democratizing your data  

“If it was easy, everyone would do it.” That’s absolutely the case for data democratization because it requires an organizational shift in how you think about, consume, and share information. A few best practices to keep in mind when your organization is looking for ways to begin the data democratization process are to:  

  • Create policies for data accessibility — Security should always be a top concern for businesses. Having strong governance will help you manage data more securely.  
  • Train for data literacy and understanding — Data is a language. Teach employees across the organization to speak and understand it.  
  • Ensure you have high-quality data — Empowering your teams to use data to its fullest potential will require having reliable, measurable data in the first place.  
  • Make accessing the data easy — Increase efficiency and productivity by adopting AI-driven self-service insights tools that drive value creation.  

Although self-service analytics put reporting tools in the hands of business users, many organizations still rely on specialists to interpret and contextualize dashboards and sometimes even build them. But Resonate makes insights directly actionable, creating an environment that’s ripe for data democratization.  

From data to insights democratization  

In the times we’re living in, turning large volumes of data into insights quickly at scale is crucial for businesses of all sizes to remain competitive. But business leaders often go about this in a complicated, ineffective way by expanding their IT unit and adopting analytics tools that require specialized training and skills. Doing so ultimately turns IT into the gatekeeper and bottleneck of valuable information. This often slows other teams in uncovering business opportunities and challenges — and that’s not good for business.  

The right technology — easy-to-use technology — can make the shift from data democratization to insights democratization easier. 

The Resonate Ignite Platform puts unparalleled, privacy-safe consumer understanding at your fingertips, at scale, and fully integrated into your ecosystem for action for better, faster, more personalized marketing that resonates. By harnessing a powerful combination of AI and machine learning, the platform creates unparalleled consumer intelligence with unmatched richness and recency. We’ve made it easy for you to build on what you know at scale. 

Find out how one AI-powered solution can turn your entire organization into a data-friendly, insights-driven business that runs on a relevant, accessible understanding of your customers. 

Get a demo of the Resonate Ignite Platform. 

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