Featured In: The 2020 Playbook for Political Marketing in the Moment


Resonate’s Kristina Emminger is an expert in advocacy and political marketing and she’s offering her insights on how 2020 is far from over. The right message delivered to the right audience can move and motivate an indifferent voter in these final days. 

Emminger says, “Going into these final weeks, everything hinges on whether candidates and causes are able to reach the right segments with the right messages at the right time—and that requires a kind of real-time insight that many marketers have never managed before.  

Now more than ever, elections cannot be won by campaigns that view constituents in terms of Republican or Democrat alone. Diverse voter populations have emerged, comprised of smaller factions across the left and right. If a candidate wants to win, they must know the values and motivations driving voters’ choices.” 

Target and Connect with Nuanced, Values-Driven Audiences 

From Texas moms targeted via microsegmentation by congressional district to voters who stand in strong support of the BLM movement, campaigns need to use real-time data in these last days and activate quickly, accurately and with extreme granularity.  

Want to find out more? Read the entire article on DMCNY here. 

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