[INFOGRAPHIC] Family vs. Friends: The Battle for Summer Travel

Whether you’re a parent looking to fill your kid’s summer break or a young professional entering the calmer summer work season, vacation is on the brain. In the past year, 72% of the online adult population reported some sort of leisurely travel, whether a stay in a hotel or a flight. Of that, 70% traveled with family and 19% with friends. While most travel was domestic, 28% of airline flyers went international as did 17% of hotel guests. Both family and friend travelers want something reliable for their big vacation spend. Beyond that, what they actually spend their money on drastically differs.

Family travelers tend to place emphasis on travel that appeals to the enjoyment of the entire group. They opt to stay at mid-tier properties for affordability, being 20% more likely to stay at The Holiday Inn, and they are 139% more likely to prefer family-friendly amenities like adjoining rooms. Furthermore, family travelers are 38% more likely to buy from brands they trust.

In contrast, friends plan trips based on lux and risk. They are 42% more likely to want to do something fun and exciting and 72% more likely to make it unique and out of the ordinary. Whether it’s a girls getaway or a bro-cation, friend travelers, who are 81% more likely to be between ages 18-34 and slightly more likely to be male, are willing to pay to travel in style, being 52% more likely to stay at The Ritz-Carlton. While they are 65% more likely to earn an income below $50K, what disposable income they do have supports their taste for the finer things in life. In fact, they are 56% more likely to choose luxury products and services.

Summer Travel Infographic

With rising temperatures and clearing skies, there’s no better time to break out from the daily grind and jet set out of town. The tourism industry, on the whole, must better understand the needs and drivers of those looking to travel to ensure they win the appropriate customers. Tailoring advertising to group enjoyment for families or to luxury adventure for friends will maximize profit and promote repeat travelers.

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