It’s My Bucket, and I Like It (For Now)

I woke up this morning to find that Resonate Networks had been put in a bucket. Not just any old bucket and not just by any old bucket builder. Resonate Networks is now listed among the Targeting Networks in Terry Kawaja’s new Display Landscape Map.

The good news is we are on the Map. The more thought-provoking news is that we are in a crowded Bucket. There is no mistake, Resonate Networks does target audiences as these others do, but our Values Targeting differs so much from the work of Specific Media, Context Web, and RadiumOne that it feels like we are a dolphin swimming in a school of cod. Resonate Networks delivers media based on what we know about audiences defined by their Values, like ‘self esteem’, ‘spending time with family’ and ’preserving the environment’. Values are the most enduring and powerful elements that motivate human behavior, whether buying products or voting. Don’t confuse a person’s values with their psychographic profile. While both describe the audience, only Values drive people to act and motivate the decisions we make.

What got us into the Targeting bucket is our integration of gender, age, location and past purchase behavior into Values Targeting (because they are important). This combination makes Values Targeting even richer, but does make us appear similar to other targeting companies. It’s fairly easy for us to bring those elements into our targeting mix, but totally impossible for another targeting company to add Values into their offering.

The value of LumaScapes in a complex and confusing market is undeniable. The complexity of the industry has reached an almost unsustainable level. How can the most brilliant, informed and energetic brand marketer determine the plan that will actually meet their goals? Or be sure that the plan they bought is the best plan possible?

Well there is this bucket, and in it is a company that buys online media based on the Values that motivate feelings and actions. We may not be ready for our own bucket yet, but we will be taking over a sizable part of our current location.

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