Nation’s Largest Voter Study Shows 64 Percent of Americans Do Not Vote Party Lines, Reveals the Issues, Values Are What Matters

Resonate Releases Study in Advance of Mid-Term and National Election Cycles

April 08, 2014 08:04 AM Eastern Daylight Time

RESTON, Va. — (BUSINESS WIRE) — Results of the “2014 Voter Motivation Landscape” released today by Resonate reveal a new look at the electorate that includes the issues and values people care about most when casting their vote. Voters are grouped into 10 segments based on issues ranging from social equality and environmental protection to entitlement reform and gun rights. The study also shows that conventionally grouped voters, such as Hispanics and Millennials, are present in all segments – proving blanket demographics inefficient. Only 36 percent of Americans reportedly vote on straight party lines, further rejecting party affiliation as an indication of future voting behavior. To devise a winning strategy, campaigns need to understand the issues an individual voter cares most about to drive a successful outcome.

“This study highlights an innovative approach that enables campaigns to engage with voters on a more meaningful level”

The “Voter Motivation Landscape” is the first of its kind to specifically address the “why” – voters’ values, attitudes and beliefs – that determine how people vote. Created to help its political clients better connect with voters, Resonate used 51 different issue positions, spanning 12 categories of interest (such as income/wealth taxes, entitlement programs, traditional and alternative fuels, and fiscal regulation) to create these voter segments. The study leverages machine learning to aggregate data from more than 8,000 proprietary survey responses to group voters into its 10 distinct segments.

“This study highlights an innovative approach that enables campaigns to engage with voters on a more meaningful level,” said Andy Hunn, COO of Resonate. “With an active database of more than 200,000 survey respondents, our customers can dive deep into the issues and values that drive people to vote for a candidate – and at full scale for digital media delivery. Traditional targeting methods, such as voter registration files and demographic segments, remain relevant as filtering tools that can be applied to the deeper audience understanding. Armed with this information, political and advocacy organizations can more effectively and efficiently affect all aspects of their campaign, from advertising to talking points, in a very systematic way.”

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