Navigating the Midterms: AI-Driven Nevada Primary Voter Data

A western battleground that recently favored the Democratic Duelers, Nevada, could have major electoral consequences in the 2022 Midterms.

While the Democrats occupy the Governor’s Mansion, both U.S. Senate seats and three out of the four U.S. House seats, the last two Nevada presidential results were decided by close margins. No one should be sitting too comfortably in the Silver State.

Generally considered a swing state, Nevada is shaping a new political identity to keep pace with a dynamic state economy in a post-pandemic world that has been welcoming newcomers at a torrent pace.

Ahead of the Nevada primaries, it’s critical for campaigns in close races to have access to the tools needed to understand and react to the state’s developing political landscape — in real-time.

To make this easy for local campaigns, Resonate scaled the 2022 Primary Election Voter Landscape to Nevada, allowing our AI to identify decisive Democratic and Republican primary voter segments based on the niche insights that are actually informing their candidate choices.

This is data that goes far beyond just party affiliation or historical behavior to let campaigns analyze and target the most consequential voters with precision accuracy.

Below we’ll show some examples of how Resonate’s AI-driven 2022 Primary Election Voter Landscape has identified Nevada Democratic and Republican primary voter segments with the potential to decide the winners and losers come mid-June.

Nevada Primary Voter Data: Meet the Nevada Blue Dogs

Resonate has identified 258k Blue Dog Democrats in Nevada — a segment that should be a major focus of Democratic campaigns in Nevada and elsewhere.

These desert Blue Dogs are not the same Blue Dogs from the Clinton years. Instead, this is a younger (57% of this entire audience is between the ages of 25-44), multicultural segment that is psychologically driven by their faith and the desire to build exciting lives full of novelties and challenges.

When compared to the average registered Democrat in Nevada, the Blue Dog Democrats’ top issues are job creation and tax policy. In fact, they are over 10% more likely to support a candidate based on these issues.

nevada primary voter data

Source: Resonate Ignite Platform, April 2022

To learn more about the Nevada Blue Dog Democrats or other local Democratic voter segments, Download your copy of the 2022 Primary Election Voter Landscape.

Targeting Red Meat Republicans in a Silver State

Trump’s army of voters live on in Nevada, a state the former President lost by less than 2.5%.

Resonate’s 2022 Primary Election Voter Landscape identified an audience of 219K Red Meat Republicans in the state of Nevada. This is your local MAGA segment of the 2022 primaries.

As you would expect, the Nevada Red Meat Republicans are more conservative than your average registered Republican in Nevada. This is a diehard, traditional segment that most values maintaining their traditions, freedom to make their own choices and safety in their community and nation.

Compared to the average Nevada Republican, the Red Meat Republican voter is 53% more likely to vote in non-presidential primaries.

nevada primary voter data

Source: Resonate Ignite Platform, April 2022

Interested in learning more about the Red Meat Republicans or other niche local conservative voter segments? Download your copy of the 2022 Primary Election Voter Landscape.

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