4 Fast Facts on NHL Fans and How to Use Them, Just in Time for the Stanley Cup

Data on NHL Fans Watching the Stanley Cup

🏒 Barn Burner: used to describe a game that is high-scoring, fast-paced, and exciting to watch.

It’s a big sports year in the world of media—and, as always, your friends at Resonate have rich, relevant insights into who’s tuning in this season. We’re diving into NHL fans today (an audience of about 51 million people), just in time for the Stanley Cup playoffs. This NHL season is especially exciting because, for the first time in 10 years, we won’t be catching the games on NBC. The network, whose exclusive broadcasting rights deal with the league ended last year, will turn it over to Disney and Turner Sports. 

Sponsorships have also multiplied, with the Disney Advertising Sales touting the likes of Apple, Discover, Honda, Lexus, Expedia, Verizon, Taco Bell, and Progressive, to name a few key participants. So, today, we’ll be diving into the motivations, buying preferences, and considerations of our NHL Fans so you can see beyond demographics and into the kinds of insights that help publishers and networks prove their value to advertisers, win ad business, and boost retention. 

Let’s get started.  

The top values of NHL Fans are achievement, humility, and influence 

One of the top ways brands can connect with consumers in the ‘year of purpose’ is by understanding and aligning with the values of their audiences. Any time you build an audience inside the Resonate Ignite Platform, you get access to the Values Report.  

When looking at people who watch the Stanley Cup, I found that these fans value being humble, acquiring wealth and influence, and showing off their abilities above all else. For them, life is about getting ahead, being grateful, and having social status. 

NHL Fans Data | Personal Values

A media publisher or company looking to attract advertisers can use the Values Report to show what factors determine what informs a particular audience’s innermost decisions and offer messaging and creative advice. In this case, advertisers should consider using themes of: 

  • Being admired, appreciated, successful, and acknowledged 
  • Humility, modesty, and respect  
  • Prestige, importance, prosperity, and power reached by accumulating wealth  

3 in 10 NHL Fans would switch banks to get lower rates or fees 

Okay, now let’s say you’re Turners Sports or Disney, and you’re trying to catch the eye of a big-name bank or credit card company like Discover. Sure, you could talk about their demographics, such as name, age, and household income, but why not get to the good stuff? Resonate has insights on bank switchers that include the top reasons people leave one institution for another. 

Facts on NHL Fans | Bank Switchers

With nuanced insights like these, advertisers can not only feel immensely more confident about advertising on a new platform this hockey season, but they could also use them to inform their marketing message. 

1 in 5 plans to buy or lease a new vehicle in the next 6 months 

Something I learned working in the automotive industry for a few years is that car brands are immensely data-driven at a local, national, and international level. If you’re trying to win over a brand like Honda or Lexus, you can use the Resonate Ignite Platform to uncover automotive insights, such as: 

  • Who’s planning to buy a car in the next 6 months 
  • Their top considerations when choosing a car 
  • The car brand they own and its cost (and the same for their next car) 

Stanley Cup Fans | for Automotive Brands 

When looking into our NHL Fans, I found that many viewers are planning to buy their next car this year, with a top consideration being comfort and convenience. I also saw that 1 in 4 wants to buy a car worth around $25-30K. These are the numbers and insights that get advertisers to pay attention during pitches (and money later)! 

14% primarily use travel sites like Expedia or Priceline to book travel accommodations 

Travel is back, and companies like Expedia are spending big money to be seen by sports fans (did you see their Super Bowl commercial?). So, I checked out what our NHL Fans currently use to book travel accommodations. It was a bit of a mixed bag, but travel sites are a popular choice.  

Stanley Cup Fans | Travel Sites

The top reasons this audience avoids a hotel or airline are their fear of cancellations, high prices and fees, and inconvenient locations—three things travel sites tend to combat very well. Expedia can use these insights to showcase specific competitive advantages that resonate with viewers.

AI-Driven Data and Insights on Sports Fans for The Win! 

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