Now We Need the Power of Why

For, far too long marketers haven’t been asking enough questions about the consumer. Their age, income and what they do online are all interesting to know and do provide a loose guide to what motivates a purchase.  But, when it comes down to it consumers don’t purchase based on their demos or site visits; they make purchasing decisions based on their Values. To get to that level of insight marketers need to ask a different question. WHY?

Understanding the WHY is the critical step to truly connecting with your consumer based on Values and then understanding where your brand messaging falls short of that connection. Adding on the ability to act on these insights in a meaningful way: as in a media plan that is structured based on consumer Values that is a different level of marketing.

But let’s take it one step further, every marketer knows there’s more to online media than launching the plan; you need to understand how your messaging is received, what’s working and what’s not.  Are the desired metrics e.g.  brand lift, moving in the right direction? And it would be a real bonus to discover, which other consumers would be receptive and where to find them online.

All of this falls under the optimization umbrella:  the ongoing management of the campaign.  Now let’s turn back to WHY.  Imagine optimizing against the reasons WHY consumers buy products instead of just against the things they do.

Very powerful, and very possible.

Resonate’s Brand Values Optimization gives marketers the ability optimize based on the values that drive metrics such as Brand Lift.  We measure the critical Brand Metrics our clients need and enable them to see shifts in attitudes and sentiment mid campaign.  Now brands know who is connecting and more importantly, WHY.  Understanding that WHY, drives the evaluation and optimization of placements, message and audience based on consumer Values. It often also reveals new opportunities among consumers previously not targeted.

Resonate offers marketers Values Targeting: the power to seamlessly transform a uniquely complete understanding of people into actionable media and insights. Resonate’s Values Targeting identifies consumers based on the broadest range of characteristic starting with values and including online purchase behavior and demographics. This depth of understanding structures online media buys that delivers unique campaign results and insights into WHYpeople respond.


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