Resonate Adds Audience Building and Market Positioning to Analytics Platform, Empowering CMOs and Brand Managers to Match Messaging, Products and Services with Consumer Motivations

Direct access to the nation’s largest research and analytics platform goes beyond segmentation and opens the door to true personalization.

April 10, 2014 08:22 AM Eastern Daylight Time

SAN FRANCISCO — () — Resonate, the only company that empowers marketers to understand and act on why people make decisions, announced it is adding Audience Builder and Market Positioning capabilities to Resonate Analytics today at the Forrester Forum for Marketing Leaders, where it is a visibility sponsor. Resonate Analytics gives marketing executives the most complete picture available of their customers and prospects. With access to the motivations and personal values that drive product and brand selection, marketers can now engage the right consumers with compelling messages, programs, products and services, improving brand value and the return on marketing investment.

“We have flipped the traditional customer research and insights process on its ear”

Using big data technologies and real-time research into consumer motivations, Resonate brings marketers a new understanding of the motivations, values, purchase drivers, and political issue orientations of individuals. What usually takes months to understand, now takes minutes using Resonate Analytics.

“The new Gen X CMO now taking over from her Baby Boomer predecessor grew up in a digital world of real-time data; she will have little patience for long lead times and historical brand trackers. Her more analytical focus will demand greater rigor and a clearer link to business results,” wrote Forrester Research, Inc.’s Principal Analyst Tracy Stokes in the September, 2013 report “Brand Health Measurement is Ripe for Digital Disruption”.

“We have flipped the traditional customer research and insights process on its ear,” said Bryan Gernert, CEO of Resonate. “In the past, marketers were forced to learn about consumer values through long, expensive, custom projects and static reports on consumer insights that were disconnected from marketing’s execution. This left marketers to base their strategies on broad demographic segments and behavioral proxies. Now, in seconds, marketers can get a real-time view into any customer segment desired, including their values and motivations, with a direct linkage to execution. The result – campaigns and creative are ‘pre-optimized,’ and with a much more complete picture of the customer, letting marketers focus on generating results and accelerating the feedback cycle.”

Whether a marketing organization has a wealth of customer data or is starting from scratch, Resonate Analytics provides a fully configurable repository of demographic, behavioral, and motivational data accessible as soon as users log in. Large companies can go deeper to understand consumer differences, for instance, between female homeowners with income over $75K who prefer the best looking and easy to use products vs. those who value products that are safe and dependable. Small and mid-sized companies and challenger brands now have access to the same consumer insights as their largest competitors, at a fraction of the cost.

Marketers are not limited to pre-canned segments and can choose from the thousands of dimensions for consumer understanding that comprise the Resonate data, such as:

  • Consumer values including personal freedom, doing things for others and doing things for fun
  • Product preferences such as cost effective, dependable and innovative
  • Shopping preferences such as importance of a frequent shopper program, location convenience and return policy

Marketers can leverage Resonate Analytics to:

1) Widen or focus market positioning by understanding what drives key customers —or competitors’ customers—to buy

2) Optimize creative and messaging, mapping messages to the motivations and values of target customers

3) Deepen understanding of customer segments, surfacing the products and services that create more loyal customers

4) Capitalize and iterate on advertising or messaging that is currently drawing customers to ads or Web site content

“Like many marketers, we start with a good understanding of the visitors and customers who use our site,” said Sean Murphy, SVP of E-Commerce for CustomInk. “But what Resonate Analytics helps us quantify is the deeper motivations and values that are important to those customers, providing a more complete understanding upon which to base our marketing.”

Resonate conducts the largest primary research studies in the United States, capturing thousands of unique consumer attributes. Mapping terabytes of daily behavioral data to 15,000 monthly in-depth surveys creates the company’s extensive database of human motivations. Tapping into this database allows CMOs and brand managers to understand opportunities in the market, develop unique consumer segments, and develop and optimize more personal messaging, creative and delivery for those segments.

Resonate’s insights will brighten the room keys of Forrester Forum attendees and an executive street team from Resonate will be on hand to showcase the platform, reachable via email at or @resonatetweets.

Resonate Analytics is available now. For more information visit

About Resonate:

Resonate is the only company to empower brand, political and cause marketers to identify and engage with audiences based on the reasons behind people’s actions. Combining the latest big data technologies with proven research and analytic techniques, Resonate powers motivation-based analytics and targeting across all digital media channels. The ability to deliver advertising based on an individual’s social and personal values and product purchase preferences, goes beyond simple demographics to achieve greater engagement, campaign results and customer insight. For more information visit

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