Resonate Featured in Luxury Daily: More Consumers Expect Normal…in 2022

Resonate CMO Ericka Podesta McCoy spoke with Luxury Daily about the realities of consumer sentiment as head into Fall 2021. Since June, there has been a 44% increase in the number of consumers who believe it could be more than a year before life goes back to normal.

In the article, which shares data from the latest report on trending consumer sentiment, McCoy says, “I believe the Delta variant will continue to negatively impact consumer sentiment. We have already seen a significant uptick in the number of consumers who are concerned about the health-related consequences of the COVID-19 situation and the number of consumers who are concerned about the economic impact of the of the COVID-19 situation is also on the rise.”

luxury daily customers return to normal

The article goes on to cover the latest in data surrounding customer purchases, browsing, intent, and in-store behavior. McCoy shares, “It’s clear that consumer preferences have shifted permanently and retailers who identify this opportunity and seize it will keep their customers shopping. For example, consumers who report a desire to browse and buy in a physical store was up 18 percent from late June to late July and the demand for curbside pickup remained consistent over this same time period.”

For luxury retailers, the publication’s target audience, now is the time to tailor consumer experience to encourage customer comfort and deepen relationships. McCoy says, “How retailers and other brands handle the situation will be critical. Beyond the actions that retailers take to ensure shoppers’ comfort, there is an opportunity to support the greater community by promoting vaccines to their customers and certain brands have a unique opportunity to help society and increase brand loyalty by evaluating their own customers’ sentiment on vaccines.”

Read the full article in Luxury Daily here. Want to dive deeper on current customer behavior and how that impacts your business? Set up a time to walk through the Ignite Platform™ — we’re always excited to share the latest data on your customers (and, shh, your competitors’, too!).

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