Resonate Now Helps Brands Answer the Question, “Are We Really Reaching Our Key Segments?”

October 12, 2016 RESTON, VA – Resonate, a leading provider of consumer intelligence-to-activation software, announced today the release of RealSegments, an advanced feature of its HI-RES Consumer Intelligence Platform, that for the first time enables B2C marketers to continuously measure and monitor, in real time, their digital marketing performance against any custom defined segments and personas at an individual consumer level across both prospects and customers.

Driven by brand marketers frustration about their inability to measure their marketing performance against their unique segments and personas, Resonate has developed a way for brands to quickly assess their execution against their defined segmentation strategies. This allows marketers to avoid wasted media spend, re-calibrate creative and messaging, improve email strategies and understand which segments are driving the most conversions and dollars.

“Brands have told us they make significant investments in creating richly defined segments and personas that end up as shelf ware because they are not measureable or actionable,” said Resonate CEO and co-founder Bryan Gernert. “With RealSegments, brands now have the opportunity for meaningful, real time understanding as to whether or not they are reaching and engaging their highly customized segments across any channel, media partner, campaign, owned content, email, website, the customer journey, including sales and more.” Gernert continued, “With our proprietary data, which includes consumer’s values and beliefs, we can bring their custom segments and even their personas to life and turn them into measurable, actionable customer groups they can engage online with unprecedented precision and scale.”

Resonate, who helps hundreds of leading organizations better understand and target their audiences to improve and accelerate marketing effectiveness, has added RealSegments to the already advanced capabilities of its HI-RES consumer analytics and activation platform to help brands understand and calibrate performance against their defined segments within minutes at the deepest level.

“B2C brand marketers no longer have to settle for segment definitions that must be selected from a vendor’s pre-determined list or are based on household data, not individuals,” said Joel Pulliam, Senior VP and Chief Product Officer at Resonate. “With RealSegments, defining segments and personas no longer has to be an occasional, big ticket exercise, it is a continuous process that constantly improves marketing effectiveness.”

Resonate’s RealSegments combines four critical aspects of digital marketing analytics and activation that have not previously been available in one easy to use platform:

  • Customization – Define segments and personas highly unique to their business which are more precise than those that are syndicated or pre-defined by using Resonate’s comprehensive proprietary data set of some 7,000 attributes.
  • Individual Consumer – Reach and understand segments and personas at the individual consumer level, unlike most analytics offerings that can only target at the household level.
  • Activation – Execute digital campaigns that reach their custom segments and personas, pulling from largest and most accurate proprietary pool of consumer data on more than 200 million online US adults.
  • Measurement – Monitor digital marketing performance on a continuous basis against each segment and persona to identify ways to improve effectiveness and reduce waste.

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About Resonate

Resonate offers a powerful consumer intelligence-to-activation technology that has helped hundreds of clients more fully understand and connect with consumers based on the underlying motivations and values that drive their decisions to buy or support certain brands and products.

Founded in 2008 and headquartered in Reston, Virginia, Resonate is privately held and backed by Revolution Growth, Greycroft Partners, and iNovia Capital.  For more information, please visit

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