Resonate and Prestige Brands to co-present at iMedia Brand Summit

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Resonate is excited to be presenting with Prestige Brands (parent to brands such as Dramamine, Comet and Chloraseptic) at this year’s iMedia Brand Summit on Monday, September 12, 2016 in Coronado, California. The presentation, “Why it Pays to be Skeptical About Your Digital Spending”, will be co-presented by Resonate’s Chief Revenue Officer Jason Schneider and Prestige Brands’ Director of Marketing Mark Karlan.

According to Accenture, media spending–including digital–is one of the top five corporate line items with significant potential for reducing waste. That’s why it’s more critical than ever for digital marketers to confirm their digital dollars are reaching the desired segments and personas. Learn how Prestige partnered with Resonate to find ways to identify waste and areas for improved efficiency by measuring spending and results against key audience segments and personas.

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