As Featured In The Financial Brand: Resonate’s Research on Consumer Financial Anxiety

Financial Brand Article Tectonic Shifts

Resonate’s Understanding U.S. Consumer Sentiment During the Coronavirus Pandemic data from the continuously updated National Consumer Survey was featured in The Financial Brand’s recent article, Tectonic Shifts in Consumers’ Life Views Financial Marketers Must Grasp

Resonate is tracking real-time shifts in the impact of COVID-19 on consumer morale and sentiment. As the crisis evolves, so does the way consumers respond, but financial anxiety is consistently top of mind. In fact, research found that while 63.5% of respondents have concerns related to the health impact of coronavirus, 80.4% are worried about the disease’s economic impact. 

The Financial Brand’s article digs into how financial institutions, including banks and credit unions, can use Resonate’s COVID-19 data to approach their marketing with targeted messages that will help consumers rather than turn them off during this time when financial anxieties are running high. These financially “nervous” segments crave security –– and marketing should focus on providing that sense of stability. 

Read the entire article on The Financial Brand’s website to learn more about how your financial institution can intentionally target marketing in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. 

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