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Marriage and the Male Psyche

Many attest that the key to a healthy marriage is compromise. So, if most married women change their last names, what do most married men surrender in exchange? Resonate’s Chief Marketing Officer Marc Johnson delivered his nuptials this past month which inspired us to delve a little deeper into the impact marriage has on male […]

Defining Customer Insights

The next time someone offers “consumer insights,” consider this definition recently provided by  Helen Edwards: “Consumer Insight: a revelatory breakthrough in your understanding of people’s lives that directs you to new ways in which to serve your customers better.” Is a new cut of the same demographics an insight? Probably not. You’ll likely target more […]

Your current insights are insults

Merriam Webster defines insights as “The act or result of apprehending the inner nature of things.” So then why, as with everything else in our online ad ecosystem, does everyone fail to comprehend even basic English? In my professional lifetime, I’ve been involved in countless meetings with advertisers, agencies, trading desks, and ad technology players. […]