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Behind the success of the winning 2015 Super Bowl Ads

The Super Bowl is well established as the most anticipated event of the year, but 2015 took its popularity to a new level – with over 114 million people tuning in, Super Bowl XLIX was the most watched TV program in history. Clearly the stakes are high for brands featured in highly anticipated and very […]

Coffee Competition: The real difference between Seahawks and Patriots Fans

As America gears up for Super Bowl Sunday, team banter has flooded our newsfeeds, airwaves, and living rooms. From “Deflategate” to Seattle’s winning streak, there is no shortage of speculation and prediction. But besides their choice of football teams, what really separates New England and Seattle fans? It turns out that the biggest difference between […]

Survey Says: The Value of Data Clean-Up

By Lauren Kreisberg, Research Director Ah, spring cleaning! Every once in a while it’s nice to conduct a grand cleanout – whether it’s at home, at work, or in a survey. With the release of Resonate’s newest wave of data, we’ve done just that! As we look towards making our data more transparent and more […]

Survey Says: Understanding Common Core

By Lauren Kreisberg, Research Director I’m pleased to announce Resonate’s release of our newest wave of data, collected in late November/early December 2013.  I’m also excited to introduce our inaugural blog post celebrating our survey releases.  In each monthly post of “Survey Says,” I anticipate discussing things like: why we chose to ask about certain […]

TubeMogul and Resonate Partner to Offer Values-Based Ad Targeting

Brands can achieve higher completion rates by understanding the motivations that drive its viewers. By Troy Dreier, StreamingMedia November 18, 2013 – Demographic targeting is nothing new for online video, but now brands can match buyer values and motivations, as well. Marketing research company Resonate and online video media buying platform TubeMogul and joining together to offer ad targeting […]

Your current insights are insults

Merriam Webster defines insights as “The act or result of apprehending the inner nature of things.” So then why, as with everything else in our online ad ecosystem, does everyone fail to comprehend even basic English? In my professional lifetime, I’ve been involved in countless meetings with advertisers, agencies, trading desks, and ad technology players. […]

The Marriage of Creative and Data

A few weeks ago, I presented the problem in the industry in servicing brands: ‘The Death of Creative at the Hands of Data ‘. If we’ve lost our focus around the importance of creative and replaced it with irrelevant data, is there a way to bring creative and relevant data or insights in line into a happy union?  Now […]

The Death of Creative at the Hands of Data

“More product is moved through emotion than rational fact. Advertising is the process of changing attitudes.” This quote from Randall Rothenberg, President of the IAB, was part of a presentation last month at the IAB Innovation Days. It highlighted the need to focus on creative in the display advertising industry and it’s a quote that […]

Got Scale?

DSPs. DMPs. SSPs. RTB. Somewhere in this alphabet soup there is supposed to be an easier way for advertisers to buy the online media they want, targeted to the online audience they want. With all the players in the market, there must be something that really works, right? Resonate Networks typically acquires inventory through direct […]

Like Hope, a Cookie Is Not a Strategy

As the industry’s infatuation with data and all things cookie related continues, and the privacy microscope focuses in on those using cookies to drive their businesses, this conversation is missing the point — cookies are just a tool, and Man can’t live on cookies alone. If you want to really connect with consumers, you first […]