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[Infographic] Baby Boomers: The Twinsies Generation

As marketers, we’ve developed a really bad habit—speaking to whole generations as though every person in that segment is the same. But we know that not all baby boomers are created equal. While baby boomers have the most commonalities of all the generations, there are important nuances to consider in your marketing plans. Let’s look […]

[Infographic] Generation Z: The Price-Conscious Traditionalist

How well do you know one of today’s youngest generations? Aside from their love of iPhones and Instagram, how do you know if you’re connecting with them effectively? Generation Z is considered one of the most intriguing generations, even though they’re no more than 20 years old. The Resonate platform revealed several interesting insights about […]

[Infographic] Generation X: The Yin and Yang Consumers

One of the most common ways personas are segmented in marketing is by generation. But there are distinct nuances within age groups that marketers should consider when developing their strategies for reaching certain consumers. Generation X is one of the most perplexing generations. Despite being the smallest in numbers, its older segment, ages 46-53, couldn’t […]

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[Infographic] Millennials: A Tale of Two Consumers

How well do you understand today’s consumers beyond gender, age and other demographics? As marketers, we often try to reach entire generations with the same message. But do you think all millennials shop the same? Do they all have the same decision drivers? We compared younger millennials to older millennials and found some stark differences […]

[Infographic] Get to Know 24M People Switching Investment Firms in the Next Year

Did you know that 24 million people plan to find a new investment firm in the next year? They want an investment advisor who communicates clearly and understands their needs and risk tolerance. So what else do we know about investment firm switchers? View the infographic below for details about these consumers. Want to see […]

[Infographic] Get to Know 28.4M Energy Drinkers

Did you know that 28.4 million people reached for energy drinks in the last month alone? They’re not all teens and gamers as you would imagine. View the infographic below for details about who energy drinkers are and what makes them tick. Want to see more of Resonate’s insights on today’s consumers? Let us give […]


Infographic: Consumer Insights for 2018 Holiday Shoppers

Did you know that nearly 80% of U.S. consumers choose retailers that carry cost-effective products? It’s not surprising that with so many consumers prioritizing cost this holiday season there are also 57 million consumers who wait for Black Friday and 50 million shoppers who wait for Cyber Monday to make purchases. Who are these shoppers and how can you attract them to your online […]

[Infographic] Get To Know 40M People Switching Wireless Providers

Did you know that 39.6 million people are planning to switch wireless providers within the next year? Most of them are yearning for faster network speeds and unlimited data. So what else do we know about wireless switchers? View the infographic below for details about these consumers. Want to see more of Resonate’s insights on […]

[Infographic] Today’s Loyal Consumer

Consumers have used loyalty programs to get rewards and perks from their favorite brands. But there are signs that the number of loyalty program members are starting to slip. It’s time for marketers to take their loyalty programs to the next level through a better understanding of what their customers want. View the infographic below […]

Bank Switchers

[Infographic] Who’s Switching Banks and Why

Banks have traditionally led innovation in their industry, offering consumers a lot of new ways to manage their money. But with 11.1 million consumers planning to switch banks in the next year, it’s clear banks need even more innovation and better ways to connect with current and future customers. View the infographic below to learn the […]