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How to Appeal to Your Banking Customers

Are you one of those people who never carries cash? Do you make purchases with a quick swipe of the card so much that you worry if the magnetic strip still works? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! Multiple reports claim overall cash use in the U.S. is on a steady decline. Therefore, credit and debit […]

Americans Say No to Combat

As tensions in Ukraine escalate, the U.S. continues to weigh its options in response to Russia’s continuing involvement in the dispute. The White House is balancing Congressional demands for swift action with the mid-term elections on the horizon. Unless the U.S. is directly attacked, Resonate data shows that Americans prefer the use of non-combat forces […]

The Coupon Crew

By Chris Cox, Director of Client Strategy & Insight Have you ever wondered what a true coupon user looks like? Do you picture grandma sitting at the kitchen table clipping the Sunday paper? Or perhaps you envision a young dad looking to save money on his family’s weekly groceries? Most folks assume that people who […]

Behind the Scenes on Beauty Brands

“Nature gives you the face you have at twenty; it is up to you to merit the face you have at fifty.” – Coco Chanel The beauty of today’s women may not start wars a la Helen of Troy, but a battle does exist among the beauty brands looking to win over female consumers. Women […]

8 Similarities Between Olympics Viewers and Olympians

Though it’s hard to rival the popularity of Vancouver’s live games four years ago, the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi still experienced notable viewership. In addition to feelings of patriotism for your competing country and a sense of belonging to the universal dialogue on the Olympics, people tuned in to these gladiator games because they […]

Listen Up Brands! Here’s The “Y” in Cyber Monday Purchases

With Thanksgiving the latest it’s been in over 10 years, this holiday shopping season is much shorter than its predecessors — a good six days to be exact. The hustle to fulfill that gift list has now become an even bigger stressor for shoppers and, in turn, retailers who worry that customers will spend less […]

Today We Honor Our Veterans

A commitment to their country and its national security obviously drives the majority of U.S. Veterans. But with a current political landscape consumed by a variety of high-profile issues, where do they stand on the many other matters that also fall under “caring for the country?” Veterans appear to be quite the conservative pack. 36% […]