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Iphone users vs Galaxy 8 users

The Buzz and the Buyers: iPhone X vs. Galaxy Note 8

Resonate’s Senior Analytics Manager, Kevin Shea, takes a look at the data behind the highly anticipated iPhone X release to see how it’s really stacking up in the market compared to its Samsung rival. In late August and early September Samsung and Apple announced new versions of their flagship mobile devices, the Samsung Galaxy Note […]

Report Highlight: GigaOm Research on Customer Targeting

In the recent report “Customer Targeting: Beyond Demographics and ‘Likes’,” GigaOm Research analyst Paul Sweeting evaluates several obstacles that marketers face when trying to be more relevant to customers. These include: Audience targeting and programmatic ad delivery platforms that do not meet the needs of Brand Marketers Lack of automation in qualitative insights Need for […]

Survey Says: What Does the American Dream Mean to You?

By Lauren Kreisberg, Director of Research Applications For many people, the American Dream is the ability for their children to do better than they have done. It’s tied in with owning a house, supporting a family, and being free from fears of poverty.  However, in our latest survey, we found a slightly conflicted America when […]

Why Consumers Become Customers

By Siobhan Miller, Director of Product Management, Marketing Analytics Embrace the “Why” If you’ve spent any significant time around preschoolers, you’ll know that few things are as hilarious and cringe-worthy as a 4-year-old on a quest to answer who, what, where and when. Those are the easy ones to answer, the ones you can finagle […]

Resonate Offers New Marketer Software Package

By Steve McClellan, Mediapost Analytics and media company Resonate has upgraded its software package for marketers with a suite of enhanced market-positioning tools that tap into the company’s massive consumer behavior database. That database is designed to help clients understand what motivates customers (or competitors’ customers) to buy. The company, which offers both analytics and […]

Resonate’s Prediction on Growing ACA Support Confirmed

By Michael Horn, Vice President of Research Starting last month, Resonate began presenting new research suggesting that public support for ACA/Obamacare was on the upswing, and we were met with some skepticism at national political conferences and organizations, like CPAC. Now major media and research outfits are confirming what we successfully measured a month before. As […]

Survey Says: The Value of Data Clean-Up

By Lauren Kreisberg, Research Director Ah, spring cleaning! Every once in a while it’s nice to conduct a grand cleanout – whether it’s at home, at work, or in a survey. With the release of Resonate’s newest wave of data, we’ve done just that! As we look towards making our data more transparent and more […]

Who Says Pirates Don’t Have Values?

In anticipation of International Talk Like a Pirate Day, Resonate conducted a special wave of research (“13rrrrr”) to identify the values of these kings of the sea, to make our impressions (of them) even more impactful… Our insights: 324% more likely to value Self Preservation, obviously 266% more likely to value Personal Freedom 78% more focused on Goal Accomplishment. Who knew? […]