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Social Tribes and Insight Vibes

[VIDEO] Social Tribes and Insight Vibes: How one Agency Drove Multicultural Audience Growth

Multicultural marketing leader Dieste implemented a human-centered approach to developing more nuanced, dynamic personas. So, how did they do it? By leveraging Resonate’s AI-driven consumer insights platform to gain a deeper understanding of target markets. By using Resonate’s proprietary consumer intelligence, Dieste was able to drive strategically targeted content and double audiences for leading brands. […]

Understanding The Why Behind Consumer Decisions

[Video] The Resonate Platform Reveals the WHY Behind Consumer Behavior

 Consumers are complex and change their behaviors and preferences regularly, making it increasingly difficult for marketers to understand the why behind a customer’s buying decisions. Resonate reveals the why through the Human Element, a holistic understanding of a consumer that starts with what makes them the most human—their psychological drivers, values and motivations. We […]

[Video] How Insights Help CPG Brands Connect With Consumers

CPGs face an uphill battle when it comes to connecting with today’s evolving consumers. Direct-to-consumer disruptors are also gaining traction. CPGs need to fill a deep hole in their consumer data to better understand and connect with their target audiences. Resonate’s consumer intelligence platform brings first-, second- and third-party data to life, leading to a […]

[Video] Analyst Interview: Brandon Purcell, Forrester

The modern marketer’s role seems to expand by the minute. One of their most important job requirements is connecting with consumers in impactful and efficient ways. So much goes into better engagement, including having the right consumer insights, a strong segmentation strategy and a unified view of the customer. We recently spoke with Forrester Principal […]

[Video] Client Testimonial: Stuart Meyler, Beeby Clark + Meyler

Agencies are under pressure as the economics that underpin the industry are changing. Some of the biggest shifts are in the way agencies are compensated, as well as new competition from insourcing and consulting firms. The reality is that there are fewer opportunities and more people chasing them. Hear Stuart Meyler, President, Beeby Clark + […]

[Video] Client Testimonial: Jonathan Lee, Grey New York

Agencies are going through a fundamental model change and clients are demanding faster, cheaper, more agile strategies across more platforms. Hear Jonathan Lee, Chief Strategy Officer, Grey New York, explain how the agency is using consumer insights to respond to these shifts in today’s market. 

Loyalty Use Case Video

[Video] How Insights Can Inform A More Effective Loyalty Strategy

Companies often struggle to capture a bigger share of wallet with their loyalty programs. Our deep consumer insights can reveal a holistic view of loyalty program consumers, what they value and their interests. Brands use these dynamic insights to offer consumers the most compelling rewards and build customer lifetime value. Watch the video to hear […]

Acquisition Use Case Video Blog

[Video] How Insights Guide A More Effective Acquisition Strategy

Companies want to acquire more high-value customers but don’t know who they are, where to reach them or what content engages them. Resonate’s deep consumer insights help companies segment customers dynamically and uncover their values and motivations. They are then able to develop the right kind of messaging for the right channels. Watch the video […]

[Video] Insights Ignite Transformation Panel

The pace at which insights-driven firms are growing is staggering: more than 30% annually on average and $1.8 trillion in revenue by 2021, according to Forrester. How can brands and agencies take part in this transformational growth? Watch our panel of brand and agency experts discuss what it means to be insights-driven today and in […]

[Video] Resonate Talks AI in Politics with Campaigns & Elections

Resonate’s Ryan Fitzpatrick and Daniel Scantlebury were featured on Campaigns & Elections Campaign Insider segment last week to discuss how campaigns are leveraging AI-driven strategies to understand and reach niche voter segments. Watch the interview below and contact Resonate to learn more about how your political, advocacy, or public affairs campaign can incorporate the innovative strategies […]