The Marriage of Creative and Data

A few weeks ago, I presented the problem in the industry in servicing brands: ‘The Death of Creative at the Hands of Data ‘. If we’ve lost our focus around the importance of creative and replaced it with irrelevant data, is there a way to bring creative and relevant data or insights in line into a happy union?  Now there is: Brand Values Optimization.

To join data and creative in the online display advertising world, you need to be able to gauge the same things you would in the offline creative development process. You also need the ability to process and act on this data quickly since the pre-campaign creative process does not give you the research intensive framework you have the luxury of following in the offline world. Sound complex?  It is, but our new Brand Values Optimization service allows you to do just that.

Human beings are complex and understanding your consumer as a human being is important. A.G. Lafley, former CEO of P&G said “We have to consider the consumer as a whole person, not just the piece of them related to our product.”

Your brand connects with people that exhibit multiple core values. You can’t possibly capture all of that in the relatively short in-campaign brand effectiveness studies. The effectiveness studies you have available today are great for capturing the attitudinal shifts that result from your campaign. Things like “Now that you’ve seen the campaign, are you more likely to buy the product?” But how would you capture whether people who prefer high end brand names, innovative products, AND want to have a sense of accomplishment in life showed the highest change in attitude to purchase the new product you’re advertising in the campaign?

It would be impossible to capture all of the permutations of values, purchase drivers, and product psychology that make up human beings in the same survey, let alone use that data to optimize mid campaign. As a result, you lose valuable insights into your consumer to help optimize not only your campaign, but your brand strategy. Online advertising needs to think more strategically and be a part of the strategy discussion if it’s to go beyond playing a direct response second fiddle to offline advertising.

We have the solution. We’ve already collected the in-depth core values, purchase drivers, and interests of the people you are targeting and broken them down into a few thousand different attributes. We’ve been using this data to target segments for years. We now know that when you can marry upper funnel metrics such as Brand Preference or Ad Recall with these same consumer values, you can see the complete picture. Brands can see what really drives those attitude shifts as the campaign is running.

This is the opportunity for REAL optimization; what Resonate calls Brand Values Optimization. Any brand can now optimize creative and media strategies against consumer insights. In real time, while your campaign is running. Move the needle on campaign success metrics AND get deep insights.

How is this unique? The industry has spent the last several years falling further in love with data, abandoning creative and the power it can have to move consumers at a deeper level than a click. However, the initial entrants just scratched the surface. Initially there was “version 1.0” , the post-campaign advertising effectiveness offerings that provide us the brand metrics. Then “version 2.0”,  entrants came out over the past year, layering optimization capabilities on those same brand study metrics and called it brand optimization.

But, this industry wants the next best thing and we have. . We’re here with the 3.0 version and beyond: Brand Values Optimization. The fact is, version 2.0 brand optimization put us again in a position in this industry where we are making decisions based solely on topline proxy measures with no understanding of why. But not anymore.

The focus on data alone in this industry killed creative. To date, we’ve all struggled to bring the two back together, settling for band-aids to a problem cut much deeper.

Brand Values Optimization leaps forward to deliver complete insights into the core values of the consumer and how they affect shifts in attitudes and sentiments that are driving campaign performance. Now online campaigns can use and improve upon the insights that drive the creative process from Brand Brief to cross media execution. Now you can understand and answer the question why in your online campaigns and then optimize against them.

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