Today We Honor Our Veterans

A commitment to their country and its national security obviously drives the majority of U.S. Veterans. But with a current political landscape consumed by a variety of high-profile issues, where do they stand on the many other matters that also fall under “caring for the country?”

Veterans appear to be quite the conservative pack.

  • 36% believe immigration is a strain on the economy vs. 16% who view it as beneficial
  • 31% oppose renewable fuel standards vs. 18% who support them
  • 38% approve of capping the debt ceiling vs. 11% who disapprove of it
  • 29% back fracking vs. 16% who dispute it

However, 21% of vets unexpectedly object to repealing health care reform altogether, a topic that is particularly noteworthy throughout the veteran community. Only 11% are in favor of an entire repeal.

It may not come as a surprise that these heroic men and women are 57% more likely to value patriotism when compared to the entire U.S. population. But a duty to their country does not seem to completely pigeonhole them into conventional national ideology.

Vets-Day Graphic

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