[Infographic] Understanding the High Value Millennial Holiday Shopper

On the brink of the fiercely competitive holiday season, retailers face the challenge of developing marketing that breaks through and really resonates with their potential customers, especially female millennials, nearly half of whom shop for apparel more than twice a month according to Boston Consulting Group.

Resonate surveyed just over 42,000 female millennials and uncovered the most important drivers when it comes to their apparel purchases. Brands that top the list of preferred retailers for female millennials to purchase apparel are Forever 21, H&M, Urban Outfitters, and Express. Aldo, Steve Madden, Journeys, and DSW lead for shoe retailers. These and other competing brands must go deeper and hone in on the values and channels that are important to this audience to increase relevance and win customers.

Compared to the entire adult online population, female millennials are 35% more likely to value sharing experiences and 17% more likely to value learning and knowledge in their daily lives. Their tendency to share extends through to social media behavior and platforms, where they are 79% more likely to be heavy social media users. Female millennials are 146% more likely to use Snapchat, 119% more likely to use Instagram and 99% more likely to use Pinterest. Additionally, 46% download retailer apps and 57% follow retailers on social media to optimize discounts and sales.

Retailers tend to focus on the younger side of the millennial age spectrum that ranges in total from 18-34, but 56% of female millennials have children in the household and prioritize buying differently: female millennials are 49% more likely and 31% more likely to choose products that are family-friendly and fun/exciting, respectively. While work is a priority, it is about something more, not just getting more – as 56% of all female millennials value work beyond income. Top hobbies like photography and hiking also reflect the diverse interests of female millennials that brands must consider when framing messaging in hopes of making longstanding customers.

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