Connecting the Data: 3 Fast Facts on Evolving Vaccine Sentiment in the U.S.

Inflation, the threat of war, and the ongoing pandemic are just a few things on Americans’ minds these days. Despite consumers trying their best to lead normal lives, there is still a sense of anxiety hanging in the air. Resonate is continuing to track sentiment of the U.S. population and their experiences with the pandemic and their dynamic positions on everything from vaccine sentiment to mask and vaccine mandates; from overall health concerns to the quality of the economy, all of which will have impact on their day-to-day decisioning, from today through November’s mid-term elections and beyond. 

In our latest Emerging Trends Report, we found a vast shift in vaccine sentiment across the US. Below, we’re sharing 3 fast facts on where Americans currently stand and how their sentiment has shifted.

1 in 10 Americans does not trust that vaccines are safe

If you were to lump all Americans who haven’t gotten the vaccine into one category (I.e., political affiliation and or support), you’d be surprised to find out there are actually various reasons why they are hesitant. The top reason is they don’t trust that the vaccines are safe. The second top reason? They’re nervous about the potential side effects of the new vaccine. 

What is the main reason for your delay/unwillingness to take the vaccine? Note: this was only asked of those who have not taken the vaccine. 

Vaccine Sentiment | Consumers don't trust vaccine is safe

31.9% Americans strongly disagree with proof of vaccine mandate 

Nearly 1 in 3 Americans strongly disagrees with government officials mandating people to show proof of vaccination to be able to go to bars, restaurants, and the like. Just last month, the number of people who strongly agreed with mandates was evenly matched with those who strongly disagreed. 

To what extent do you agree or disagree that government officials (federal, state, or local) should be able to mandate or require individuals to show proof of vaccination in order to enter certain spaces (e.g., restaurants, bars, gyms)? 

Vaccine Sentiment | Mandates

1 in 3 strongly disagree schools should require proof of vaccination

In line with the change in sentiment regarding proof of vaccination in public spaces, we’re seeing a similar shift from most Americans strongly agreeing that schools should be able to require proof of vaccination from students in order be in the classroom. Now, most Americans disagree. 

To what extent do you agree or disagree that schools should be able to mandate or require students show proof of vaccination in order to return to in classroom learning? 

Vaccine Mandates Consumer Sentiment

We’re continuously tracking shifting population sentiment

The freshest, deepest consumer research data has never been more critical for campaigns. As voter habits, preferences, and values change, your communication needs to change, too. That’s why Resonate coronavirus and current events flash study data is released regularly. In a more stressed world, consumers will look to you for ease, comfort, and connection. It’s up to you to connect the dots to create experiences and messaging that resonate with consumers. We’ll supply the data.

There’s so much more to see in our latest Emerging Trends Report. Keep your campaigns agile and up-to-speed with what Americans are thinking, feeling, and doing right now. Access the report here

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