Leveraging AI-informed Voter Segments to Win Ohio Primaries

It’s game time in the Buckeye State. At this point in the primary, any serious contender in a tight election deserves some applause. It’s a heck of a political environment to play in, especially in a battleground as cutthroat as Ohio. To still be in the fight now means these campaigns have done some things right.

The campaigns in the closest Ohio primaries who will emerge victorious will now need an edge that goes beyond the size of a war chest, name recognition, or the current polling. At Resonate, we believe this edge lies in how well campaigns can micro-target and persuade niche voter segments that will ultimately decide the primary victors. Battleground segments that cannot be found solely using a voter file, marketing lists, or other static or one-dimensional models.

That’s why at Resonate, we used our proprietary AI to develop the 2022 Primary Election Voter Landscape. Our three-dimensional machine learning models have surgically divided the electorate into 10 distinct voter segments based on a unique set of insights that are directly influencing candidate choice in the 2022 primaries. This voter landscape is built to scale, meaning savvy Ohio campaigns have an opportunity to cut through the clutter, optimize budgets and best the competition by immediately activating the voters who matter most down the home stretch.

Download the 2022 Primary Election Voter Landscape now to learn more about niche 2022 primary voters and bring your campaign one step closer to victory.

A Must-Win Voter Segment for Ohio Republican Campaigns

In Ohio, our 2022 Primary Election Voter Landscape has identified 686,000 Red-Meat Republicans – the most GOP voter segment there is. These are the exact voters that every major Republican campaign in a contested race should be chasing…and for good reason. These are the voters who will make or break their campaigns.

The Red-Meat Republican isn’t “going green” anytime soon. And contrary to recent remarks made by incumbent U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown, Ohio is damn sure still “The Rust Belt” to these rural, working-class voters.

And the Red-Meat Republican doesn’t split their ticket either; it’s bold circles for GOP candidates from the top of the ballot down. In their minds, the Ohio heartland is still bruised from Obama-era policies, but Democrats aside, there’s still no room for RHINOs in their party.

This is an example of a voter segment you can’t pull off a voter file or find just using historical MAGA data. These are the hardline Republicans in Ohio —  TODAY — who can be surgically targeted by your campaign tomorrow with a message tailored to restoring the Ohio they know and love.

Winning the Middle: How Ohio Democrat Campaigns Can Win the Moderates

Like Ohio Democratic gubernatorial candidate John Cranley is doing, some Ohio campaigns are embracing centrist policies to win over reliable Ohio Democrats who may think their party has titled a bit too far left. Resonate’s 2022 Primary Election Voter Landscape has identified two moderate Democrat voter segments that could be incredibly useful to Ohio campaigns seeking to win the middle: Dependable Democrats and Blue Dog Democrats.

We give a quick preview of the Ohio Dependables here, but you can learn even more about them and the Blue Dog Democrats when you download your copy of The Voter Landscape.

There are 800,000 Dependable Democrats in Ohio right now. The Dependable Democrat is just that: dependable. They’re going to vote in the primary, and they’re going to support Democrats only. However, they plan to vote for moderate Democrats.

The Dependable Democrat skews a bit older and more traditional, specifically when it comes to economic issues. These Democrats fundamentally reject that their party represents socialism or free government handouts. These voters are financially more well off than other Democrat segments, and they’re most interested in green energy solutions, gun control, and abortion. (A key issue right now in the Republican U.S. Senate race, and as such, a smart contrasting talking point for Democrat campaigns engaging with this segment.)

Interested in learning more about the 2022 Primary Election Voter Landscape and how it can be used to win in Ohio and beyond? Download the asset today and give your campaign a significant edge in the final days.

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